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Who, what, how?

Who, how, whyWe judge each other based on what we see, especially the face, beautiful, ugly, young, old, tired, fresh, and so on.  But when we have no face what do we use then?

Sure we can view the package, it appears to be young, the clothing, probable female and thus seek a definition to judge by.

Who are we?  What are we?  How are we? An image made by us for us to use?  Absolutely.  Point all targets from?  Yes, that to.  Like this or that?  No doubt. Young yesterday, old today?  No, not that but still that.

I have to tell you we are exactly the same today as we were the day we were born, both in age and abilities.  We are in no way changed.  We have nothing learned.  Our knowledge is the same as in the beginning as well is our age, hopes and dreams.  And this applies to all of us, whether we like it or not. Continue reading