... for eternity ...

… for eternity …

We all have our own world, we live in.  Thus are a variety of worlds, political worlds, worlds of crimes and honesty, worlds of different religions and fashion, my world and your world, the possibilities are endless.
Every human being creates his world out of and in line with himself.  We are the world.

At first glance, no two worlds seem similar.  But closer examination reveals that the foundation of them all is the same, happiness, unhappiness, beautiful, ugly, health, diseases, ambition, life policies, strife, love and hate.  The basis of all our worlds is fear.  Endless fear.

As we are so are our worlds.  We laugh and cry, feel love and hatred, and dream of a better world?  Bur who have laid down their own will and desires and only are?  Can we say that we are fearless?  Without at all?
No doubt there exist those who live without all.  But we see them not.  We know not the truth, either in ourselves or others.  Because to see the truth in others, we must first find it in ourselves.
At first are our worlds free of ambition, hatred and other forms of fear.  We are all born without all.  But soon our worlds are full of ideas of all shapes and sizes.  Fear.

All children are born free.  And we, the older, should give them peace to be exactly that.  We should form a shield around them so they may live in harmony with themselves, free from the need to change themselves according to others, and later their own, requirements, the ideas of what once was and what will be.  Free from fear.
Bu so we do not.  Soon we, the older, will deliver youth their heritage, the world of ideas that we have created around our existence.  And so we imprisons them in fear.  The same fear as we live in at all times.

Why are we not a shelter and shield of our children?  We force our world of ideas on them and do not allow them to live without fear.  Without all.  Why?  What is it that we fear so much?

This is a question that we should take a closer look at.
What is this legacy that has gone from man to man, from generation to generation?  This legacy, which fills us with fear and prevents us from living in peace, in harmony with each other, with all forms of life?
We received this inheritance from the previous generation.  What is it?  We deliver it to the next generation. What is it?

The answer is our fear of being nothing, it is the inheritance which we received and will deliver on.
It is a fact, we fear it to be nothing.  Invisible.  It is the legacy of old age to youth.  And at the same time that which prevents us from living in the moment, which is the only reality.

Why do we accept this inheritance?  For it is quite clear that we accept it.
Certainly we are at first too young to understand what is happening.  But later, when we come to intellect and years as we call it, then we take not only the heritage and maintain it, but we deliver it to the next generation.  Why?

We seem to not know that the moment is the only reality.  Yesterday does not exist.  The past has no reality other than our memories.  That is all.  Tomorrow is only in our dreams.  Ideas of what could be.

The moment is in fact the only reality.  Fear is part of the past.  An old memory.  Nothing more.  In the moment there is no such thing as mine or yours, once was, neither one nor anything.  Nothing.  No fear.  Can we not see the freedom in it?

We are banished to a vicious circle and we seem not to know it.  But we can break this circle.  We can leave this inheritance, this fear.  Not tomorrow or later, when better circumstances, but here and now.

We cannot hide or use trickery.  Not say, “I am so old, it has always been this way, it is too late to change.  I will continue like this, but will not deliver on the heritage.”  That is not possible, because whoever takes and maintains the heritage delivers it on.  It is inevitable.

However, we should not fall into the trap of believing that we can change what is compared to what was and should be.  If change is to be, then we simply drop the inheritance.  We must dare to be nothing.  Die.

We break the circle, deny the heritage of past generations by dying the self, the me.
For that peace may reign, the me has to go.

The me arises from the knowledge that is rooted in the experience we have gained through various events and reading books, and is stored in our brains.  The me is an old memory.  And memory is only and always what was, that has no basis in reality.  The only reality is the moment.  Here and now.

For the me to die itself, we must abandon all that we have collected ourselves on our walk of life, both things of matter and spirit.  And that means completely, physically and not only theoretically.  We must dare to die.

When we dare to let go of everything, then everything disappears.  Also fear, the inheritance.
It is not possible to practice, exercise, or learn.  We only let go of the memories, all the knowledge, let it slide through, look at it and let go.  That is all.

When everything is gone then there is truth.  Then we are the truth.  Then all fear disappears and the inheritance will come to nothing.
Then we only are.  That is peace.  Then we are peace.