... tolerance ...

… tolerance …

We are so funny, the humans, with all our ideas and importance, and everything else we can think of to do, and argue about.
We come together, discuss issues, argue and fight for our own ideas, as we condemn other ideas.  But in the end we realize that this was all just a crap, and then we turn our attention to the next idea, the next debate, and the next conference on the issue.  And thus we repeat this again and again, sometimes with a new topic, and sometimes we repeat what was previously discussed.
So we are, we never see beyond our nose.

Tolerance is a popular topic and subject of discussion, which pops up to the surface from time to time.  Some people believe they are better than others, when it comes to tolerance, and then they try to get the others to adopt this necessity.
And so new conferences and meetings are born, about how we should and should not be.  So we create various titles and ideas for our daily lives.

Again and again we say we need to dedicate us tolerance towards others and other people’s ideas.
Is it not clear that anyone who feels he needs to learn something, tolerance or other, does so because he is not tolerant or other?
If we are tolerant we do not need to learn it.  We just are what we are.

The reality is that we cannot dedicate ourselves tolerance, rather than so many other things.  Tolerance is not something we approach with exercises or another.  It is not something outside us that we train into us.  It cannot grow from being small in it to be large.  Not matter how we wish it.  We are either tolerant or not.  And if we are it, we are it all.  Completely.

Tolerance is when our importance is not, when the me has disappeared, because the importance is the me.
And since the me is an illusion, an idea in our heads, old memories, created from experiences and learning, it can do nothing, gain nothing and solve nothing.

The only way and solution, is to view the me, sincerely and honestly, without judging it good or bad, and then let go of it, die the me.  It is the only way to peace.

It should be clear to all of us, that the importance is not removed while we attend conferences and meetings.  It is our importance, the me, who attend meetings.
When our importance is gone, then we are too.

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