1. In the beginning was the word

Weight.  All kinds of people talking, asking and telling.  Chat, chat, chat.  Hear nothing, get nothing, understand nothing.  Consciousness closed and locked.

Out of the void comes a child’s voice, the chat becomes silent, it is as the whole world stands still an listens.
“In the beginning was the word, says the child.”
Consciousness opens, the people remember, know and understand, and ask “what are we going to do with it.”
“Live it” they hear themselves say within.

So the time passed, the sun shone, it rained and snowed and gradually decreased the memory of the child and the message.

In the beginning was the word, “said the child, and it was quite enough.
That’s exactly how it is. Words that we cannot imagine how look, which are the no-thing, only void. We can feel them, feel the power within ourselves, in the silence, no-thing.

Suddenly we hear a word, the first word, and to it are added more words, forever and again, until the world is just full of words. Creation has begun. The words shape reality.

Small, newborn baby, has not a single word, it can make a sound, but does not know a single word. Its world is simple, calm, peaceful and quiet.
Then the first word and all its world celebrates and so comes the next and then they pour over the child’s world and before the child knows the flow of words is such that it loses itself in the words.
Gradually disappears its awareness of life and existence, until it no longer remembers that the words shape reality, words that create the images, that words are the starting point of all the good and evil that belongs to its life.

So it continues, the child grows up and moves constantly away from starting point until it is so far from the first word, it knows not how to stop, be silent, and thus stop creating all the crap, all the sorrows and joys.

We can all say these words, “in the beginning was the word and the word was ‘me’.”
If we then look at everything and all kinds, about the moment, about the emptiness, about the truth and the ‘me’, we can see where the words have led us. We can also see the power of the words and how important it is to be careful when using them, to be mindful, make sure they do not just flow out of your mouth, thus creating all sorts of good and evil, joy and sorrow, wars and other disasters.

We should be able to see how the words are behind everything that occurs in the world, today and every day. It faces us if we only look neutral and quiet at the world, without offense and without judging it wrong or right. Just watch and see.

In the beginning looked something on the world and saw that “all was very good,” but it’s not any more, it’s no longer “very good.” Many words must go and give room for other words, to create “very good” again.

We create this world we live in as we live, with words, they are the creative power behind all images and forms.
It is ours to use this power, the words, to change and improve the world, there is no one out there to do it for us.

There is only one solution, we have to let go of all our ideas, stop objectifying them with words. We have to select our words carefully when creating, it is we who have made the world this way, and although many parts are fine, the not so fine is becoming dominant, to loss for us all.

We must remember that we are all one and if someone suffers for our words, our mistakes, we are responsible. Thus it is.

The world will not perish though we talk a little less, say fewer words. We must use the words sparingly, be aware of what we are saying. And if we are not sure of the words excellence, then, we let be speaking them, rather than letting them from us in the hope of profiting from them. The world does not need more profits, only fairer division.

We need peace between humans, within humans, to get rid of all conflicts and wars, hatred and ill will, so all can once again be “very good.” It is beneficial for all of us. Nothing more.


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