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What is life?

What is life?

“What is life?”  is the first chapter of the book “What am I?” that was first printed and published, in limited edition, 1998. The book was improved and republished in the year 2000, and was converted to eBook in 2012, at the same time were made booklets from selected chapter of the book.

As the title of the chapter indicates it deals wit the question of what this life is that we see everywhere around us and also within ourselves.  Read more >>



We are mortal, we will all die

IMG_3063Death has always been hidden in the western world, almost taboo, not to be talked about, and strange and distorted ideas have been created around death all over the planet, that is why we have such limited understanding of it.  We just know that our loved ones and friends, who are dead, are gone, like they have disappeared into nothing, and that is all we know.
Therefore have the ideas of reincarnation and personal life after death had such easy access to us and have become so popular and attractive in people’s minds.  We want to believe that we have lived before and will live again.  Bu no matter how we imagine it to be, it is still only a simple desire for immortality.
This is the topic in chapter 20 in the book “What am I?”

What is life?

Sun rays in whale-fjordThe first chapter in the book “What am I?” is called “What is Life?”  It was a continuation of what I had experienced, I had seen myself as the truth and the life, and I wanted to know what this life was and how it was associated with the truth and me, or was there perhaps nothing ‘and’ there.  So I set off from the question, what is life?     Chapter 1 >