8. COMPASSION AND CARING, for the welfare of others

Often we walk past those who have problems without noticing them.  If we see them we look the other way and let as they are not our concern.  This applies to most of us.  We would rather not interfere in other people´s problems because we think it is easier to just walk away.  To help others may take some time and could lead to all sorts of problems for us.
But do we know what it entails to care for others?  Seriously, or are we just guessing and imagining what it means?

It does not matter what we think or imagine, the welfare of others is our concern.  For what others, and we, send out into the world is the same as we get from it.  So nothing is irrelevant to us.

But our concern for others welfare does not allow us to interfere in their lives, in the name of love or helping.  More often than not we are just serving our own ideas.  “I feel your existence should be different so I invade your life, to change it to my liking”.

If we care about someone who we feel need our assistance, someone with real problems, not only to change his existence according to our ideas, then we must have the courage to stand by and watch his agony without any interruption.
We can encourage and motivate with and without words, until he has the courage to do something about his own affairs to his own benefit.  By interfering we are depriving him the opportunity to make the change needed.  We are in fact maintaining status quo.

What applies to personal little issues also applies to the larger issues.
Perhaps we do not know that by intervening in the lives of others, we are preventing them from helping themselves, but sometimes we just want to be good.  We do want to be good, to be recognized as good people, because we are so insecure in ourselves, about ourselves.  But as soon as we dare to let go of this desire to be good the problems of the world will decrease accordingly.

We should never try to be good, just honest, because trying to be good is equivalent to not being good.  We do not have to try to be what we are, only that what we are not.
So let us be honest in our caring about everyone and everything.