We are Christians, beautiful people, honest and industrious, or so we are told.  These are strange words, strange statement and actually a little sad.  We are certainly all of this and yet none of it.
We are not all beautiful and industrious.  There are lots of plain and even ugly people in the world and also lazy people.  And although some nations are considered to be Christian it is usually a political decision and has nothing to do with faith or peoples believe.
There are all kinds of creatures, in the world, with all kinds of ideas, living all kinds of life, all over the world, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, heathens and thus we can continue to count up all the religions found in the world, believes and isms, and then end with sticks and stones and finally atheism.
Have you ever thought about this, all these religions, all these beliefs?  Do we not see anything wrong with this?  Do we truly need all this?

It seems that we cannot do without religion; people even try to make religion out of no-believe or atheism.
There are many people who think that we cannot believe in nothing, because everyone must believe, at least in themselves, but of course it is not so, we do not need to believe in ourselves, it is quite enough to be it.
Many confuse atheism with heathen, but heathen is faith, it is a belief in many gods, but atheism is not a religion and atheists do not believe in anything.  Atheist means non-believer, no faith, and there are people who do not believe, not in God, not in the church, not in themselves, they simply do not believe in anything.  It is quite certain that atheism is not the same as heathen; it is not even the same as denial.  And that is just a fact.

It is very easy to not believe and still allow for some sort of creator equal to creation.
It is quite clear that if we assume there is creations we must assume there is a creator, in some form, if nothing but this invisible force which we have named Nature.

But it need not be differentiation, but that is exactly what happens when we believe in something, when we change our ideas into faith.  Then change the words to “we and God, we and Allah, we and our church, and we and some kind of creator” which we believe in and then we start believing in all the rituals, and set up a play with all kinds of different traditions to help us worship this faith of ours and we say prayers, sing, and have great fun with all of this.

Whenever we use the word and, ‘me and my belief, me and God’ it is differentiation, we use the word ‘and’ to separate us from the faith, from the Almighty and everything else, even each other.
That in itself is fine, if that is what we want for ourselves, but it is still just a belief in something and at the same time separation from it all and it has nothing to do with reality.

If we are to be honest, and true, and live in the real world, then we have to let go of our faith.  Because, where no distinction is, the almighty is one with creation, us, and then we have no need for religion, then there is no room for faith and religion.
To be one with the creator means that we are the creator, and the creator we, and if we cram religion there in between then we are separating us from it and at the same time everything else.

No differentiation means that the creator is the creation and if we start to believe in it and make of it a religion, with all the rituals, then we are worshiping ourselves through the concept creator and we do not need to believe in and worship ourselves, we just need to be ourselves and then it all, almighty, life, the whole picture.  Honest and true.

Atheism is not a religion, there is no differentiation, no worship, belief or rituals, and no ‘me and something invisible.’  There is just a simple decision, ‘I do not know’ attitude, silent, calm and honest.

The fact is that we do not know whether there is a god or all mighty something, we need to praise and worship.  None of us knows, not the faithful and not the non-believers.  We do not know whether all these old stories are true, whether these people existed.  It is just a fact.

Atheism does not distinguish, worships not, and requires nothing, neither prayers nor other activities.  It is just a simple decision, attitude, silent, calm and honest.  That is all.