11. WE CANNOT UNDERSTAND small fragments of the whole

It is very easy to look and judge, but not as easy to understand when one has only a fraction of the big picture, one shred, which says little but still enough to allow simply to fill in the blanks and judge.  And when we do that then we lie, because when missing parts of the picture it tells not the true story, and when we fill in the blanks then it is called fiction.  And we are remarkably good at creating fiction.

It is not easy to tell the truth, unless knowing what is true and it is often difficult to know, but it is then in itself true and we should say so.

However, it is easy to say that the truth is life and life is all there is, that nothing exists outside of life, especially when we do not know what we are talking about.
But it is still so that the truth is life, and we and everything, and it is one and unchangeable and eternal, the same at all times for all people, for all, because if there is a change it is no longer true, and that which is no longer, never was, we only thought it to be. And the truth is not what we think or believe; it can never be our thoughts or ideas.

Life as truth cannot be true only occasionally, at our convenience, it is either always or never true.
It goes without saying that if life is one human being then it is also another and they are then one and the same; and then it must apply to everyone and everything.  This means that there is no such thing as my life and your life.  Only life.
Man, as well as everything else, is then manifestation of life.

What most of us normally call life is actually only the existence we have created around our presence.  And it is sometimes quite strange and full of all kinds of ideas and nonsense, phrases and small pieces of everything.
Words like ‘the right to life and respect for the existence of the individual’ are phrases, small fragments and our ideas, all in one, and around it we create amazing illusions that we then try to objectify.  But in practice it only creates and maintains disagreement and conflict between us, which is in fact state of war, however small it is.
It is obvious that wars, famine, abuse, ill-treatment and other such things, which at this moment are tolerated all over the world, are not the right to life.

We ignore the whole and take it out of context, though it all, and no exception, is obviously a joint creation of all of us, a direct result of our actions.  Instead, we focus on individual issues, such as abuse, abortion, capital punishment and more, and make it a major issue for us to deal with.

Certainly there is no reason to belittle these things.  But we cannot understand anything in pieces and separated from the big picture.

If we take a photo and tear it into small pieces, and then look at one piece, then we do not know what the overall picture is.  The image we see could resemble chimney and the whole picture then be of houses, or it could be a finger, and then the whole picture be of people, but it could also be something else.
While we do not have the big picture we cannot judge.  It is just that simple.

Of course there are various issues that need to be addressed and solved, crimes, death penalty, abortion and all kinds of other problems, all kinds of fragments of the larger picture.  And we have to resolve the issues though we do not see the whole picture, but then we must also bear in mind that the solution can be inaccurate, and not in line with the big picture, which means that we must be willing to admit it and find another and better solution.

Some individuals are so seriously distorted that they cannot walk freely among other men.  That is one fragment.
Can we truly say that we now the cause, why this is so?  Do we believe that we will never experience the same as these people?  Are we so sure of our mental health?
Taking human life should never be a possible solution.  The death sentence is actually revenge of the masses, the whole community, against sick and distorted individuals and makes us, if we apply it, in no way, different or better than they are.  It is a very sick society that allows such.  Execution is just a fancy word for allowed killing.

The only thing we can do, to protect ourselves, is to take these individuals out of circulation, and as soon as we have done that we should nurture them as well as we can, while they are ill.  And if that is all their lives, then we do it all of their lives.
Revenge is no solution.

Abortions, all kinds of crime and human cruelty and sorrow are all very delicate issues and not ours to judge those who experience it nor those who commit it.  We should never be the court in the streets and convict people.
We have not lived their lives.  Have we?  Can we then say what we would do if faced with any of these situations?
Do we know what our position would be against abortion if the life of our daughters would be at stake?  Of course not.  So we must trust the choice of those who have to face this.
Do we know what our position would be against the offenders, no matter the offense, if our children turned out to be offenders or at least involved in offence?
Everything that happens in the world is only a small fraction of the whole that we do not know what is.  One piece in a puzzle, we do not know how to assemble.

It does not mean that we have to allow everything, or not to intervene with all kinds of actions if necessary, it just means that it is not ours to judge, punish, or put to death.  ‘An eye for an eye’ solves nothing.  If it did, all crimes and other evil would no longer exist.

If we look closely, and include everything, and do not attempt to hide anything, we can see that we have taken matters out of context, mainly to create ourselves profession and through it importance.
We want to be something.  Preferably something good and positive, and if we can use the bad state of others for that purpose then we do so.

Everything that comes from us is first within us.  It is inevitable.
Our environment is in fact a reflection of who and how we are.  And if we look around us it is not always a beautiful sight that we face.  Humanity is clearly not peace.
Sometimes we seem to wish that one is more equal than others.  We judge after all one to death and another to life.  But that does not change the fact that we are all manifestation of the same life.

When we direct our hatred to our fellow-men, then we direct it, at the same time, to ourselves.  It is just a simple fact.  We are all equal and one.
But it is not enough for us, is it?  We do not want to be equal to just anyone.  We want to be more than, and not just more than others, but also better and different from what we ourselves already are.
We are in constant struggle to change what we are, to what we are not.  We all want to be something and if we cannot be good and positive then we choose evil rather than nothing.

Our need for importance is so dominant that it controls all of our existence.  It is this need that leads us to judge, put forward opinions and fight for something.  It is our need for importance that creates all disputes and conflict in the world and it is not until it disappears we are peace.
When our need for importance is gone we live in harmony with reality, all that is, ourselves and others.  Without the comparison of large and small, good and bad, and the desire to change what is in our favor.  Then we are in peace.   Then we are peace.

But we have to do it ourselves; there is no one out here to do it for us.  We must dare to face up to what is; reality as it is.  We must dare to see everything we are, also that which we try so desperately to hide.  We cannot exclude anything.

We need to know, see and recognize that our human characteristics are not only what has been judge positive and good, but also what is bad, negative and even evil.
When we see our true nature, and that means to see and understand all through, not only on the surface, then it loses its grasp on us.

Then we no longer fear ourselves and do not need to change what is into what is not.
Then the question is no longer about the right to life and respect for the existence of others.
Then we only are.  That is peace.