... the children of the world ...

… the children of the world …

According to the “Icelandic dictionary for schools and the public, 2002,” maturity is defined as being developed, have good qualities and ethics, as well as growth, improvement and efficiency.  Virtue is defined as the qualities and characteristics of good and morality, in the same dictionary.
Thus we see it also, we see maturity as an important quality in human beings.  Some sort of recognition, we have grown and matured, learned and matured, so we are better and wiser now than we were before.

We have created all kinds of ideas about the importance of developing the mind, of bringing awareness to the mind until it reaches a state of deep maturity and we have defined exactly what matured mind is in practice and how to gain it.
We seem to see mature mind as a virtue, or something that we can learn or acquire through special behavior, so we try to teach the youth all about maturity of body and mind, and then we bring them all our ideas about the phenomenon, even though we know that it does not change anything.

Growing up is a natural process, we all grow up and many without learning a thing, some people learn something and others a great deal though much of it is of little value.
We know that some people are born with great moral values and others not, and is upbringing said to be the determinant factor thereof.

But none of this is maturity, neither virtue, nor learning, growth and efficiency, we have given these features the name maturity but they have in fact nothing to do with maturity.
If maturity was virtue, learning and growth and we then accordingly mature beings, better and even wiser after all this learning, then it should be visible somewhere in our behavior and environment.
But it is not, nothing has changed, we are today as we have always been, we are still creating wars, hatred towards those who are different from us, and otherwise ill will, which is very sad, because that way we only maintain the status quo.  So where is the maturity?

We are all born new and fresh, without ideas about life and existence.  But gradually bring those, who are older, youth everything they have collected themselves, old ideas, opinions and beliefs.

Old generations that have grown up, lived and maintained old knowledge, grief and other fears, have nothing new to offer youth, only the old knowledge and ideas, and since the young do not know that they may say no to this heritage, they accept it and make it theirs, and so they get stuck in the old and predetermined pattern of society and thus they become old and die before they realize that they were allowed to do this differently and make a better world for themselves.

When we were young and fresh we knew not that we had the power to change the world and create a different world for us, and if we ever found out, it was too late, we dared not change anything.  We feared changes, because we knew what we had and not what we would get with a different world.

We do not want new people with fresh ideas and everything else they have to offer, so we take the new and feed and adjust it to the old, and thus we destroy the freshness and innocence of youth.
This we do to all children of this world.  The young are already old while they are still growing.

No ideas and nothing spiritual that previous generations have created is worth to be maintained and handedto the next generation.  No hope, religions, faith or other ideas, which we think are meaningful for our minds.
We need only look at the world around us to see what the old generation has to offer, wars, poverty, famine and other human disaster.  It is all ideas from past generations.

Certainly one might also find peace, the child sitting in a puddle, playing with a stick for a boat, is in peace.  But we are quick to fix it and change the child in accordance with prevailing state and before it knows, it is running around the school building, under the vigilant eyes of his teacher and his clock, hoping to become the quickest, the best.
The young child running around the school building is not at peace.  We push our children to high standards that we have given different names but are in fact hatred.
They are to be better than others, in school, sports and work, everywhere and always.
Children are not born with these ideas, those who are older force them up on them and thus kill their innocence.

We seem not to understand that more and better is really war, though in small degree.  This means that the minds of youth will never reach full maturity.
Maturity is not something we learn or practice.  It does not come from the older to the younger, when we see reality, whatever and however it is, clearly and without interruption, without reference to the old, we are free from the old, the past.
The mind does not develop gradually, it either is or is not mature and in between to be or not be is no distance and no time.

If the young are to develop in their freshness, we, the older, have to let go of our ownership of them.
We have to see the reality of what we are doing.  We have to see how we have gradually built up the world we live in, according to our knowledge and learning, all that the past has brought us.
We must break down the world we have built around our existence until nothing is left.

We are the world, the world is all that we have experienced and learned.  It is all that we have inherited from previous generations, from the old to the new.  That is all.
When we let go of the youth and the world that we have created ourselves then we have nothing to connect us with and acquire.  Then there is nothing which is forever new.

When we dare to leave our world and die to ourselves and allow the youth to take over the world and flourish according to their ideas and imagination, the young will be at peace with themselves and others.  Then we are eternal youth.  Then we will grow and prosper in the freshness and innocence, everything new.  Then we dwell in the moment.  Then we are the moment, immutable and eternal.  That is maturity.