26. POVERTY the fragments and the whole picture

Beauty in death

We see life in fragments, always, we can sometimes combine a few fragments and thus form larger picture, as of nations and continents, but little more than that.
We see organisms and can scale the image down to species and individuals within species and the condition of individuals within each species, and so on down to tiny units. But we never see the whole picture.  Yet it is there, as visible as the fragments, if we see fit.

This applies to all aspects of life, including poverty.  There are poor people in every nation, maybe not equally poor but still poor.  There are slums, poor nations, poor countries and poor continents.  Can you then imagine what the overall picture called poverty looks like?

Strange is it not?  No, not that we see just fragments and never the whole picture, but rather that there is poverty in a world that is full of wealth and enough of everything for everyone.

Have you ever pondered why we allow poverty to exist?  Because this is our creation for others, we do not expect to end up there ourselves. We look at the problem and do nothing to improve the situation. Nothing.

No one chooses poverty.  No one intends to live in poverty, this is not a choice, it is really not everybody’s dream to become poor, really, poverty is a device, which the government uses, they want to create poverty for a specific group of people, who can do nothing to prevent it.  Nothing, and that is a fact.

Poverty is the worst thing on the earth, it does nothing, it does not participate in any social activity, does not go to the movies or theater, it does not take part in weddings, birthdays or other gatherings.  Poverty creates nothing, does not write books and music, does not paint pictures, or perform other types of art and art events.  Poverty does really nothing.

I could have said the poor instead of poverty, the poor do nothing, but that would not be entirely true, the poor would love to do all kinds of things, if only they would have the opportunity and money to do so.  But it is poverty that keeps everything down, it is poverty that imprisons everything that comes near it, stagnates, blocks off.  Poverty does nothing and allows nothing.

Certainly this also applies to the poor, they do nothing, do not go to the movies or theater, do not buy things, clothing and other items, do not participate in social activities, do not attend weddings, birthdays, and other that costs money.  They are stuck in the deadly grasp of poverty.
Still, they work hard and even many jobs, to try to improve their lives.  Amidst these people are great talents, to write books, compose and play music and paint pictures and all sorts of artistic creation, which would be a boon to all of us, but is not allowed to flourish because it costs money which they do not have.

What causes and actually creates this situation, are the governments of all countries, the use poverty as an economic instrument, to keep people down in poverty.  Which in turn means that poor people do nothing, allow themselves no luxury, not even all the necessities, and they waist neither time or money on creation.

Need we talk about the methods, many and varied, the contribution of the trade union, minimum wage, all types of taxes and other poverty traps that the government, and city council dominate and use.  Do people not know about all kinds of benefits reductions, rising property taxes, the cost of water, electricity and school for our children, medicines and all the rest that we cannot name.  Delivery of wealth to the rich at the expense of the poor, no matter who is in charge.

Of course, it is not all bad, but still there are disadvantages in the good.  Grants or salary to artists are provided to people that have loads of money and should be able to cost their art themselves.
Art is an extremely important factor in society, much more important than the authorities seem to know and understand, without it, all would wilt away.
Those grants or salary should never be a rewarded, but first and foremost be support for the poor, who have no chance to serve and nurture their creativity.

Are we all sunken into unconsciousness, asleep while a large portion of the population lives in poverty and tries to save themselves as best they can?  Or do we just not care.

Know we not what happens in poverty, people are bound, and can do nothing, cannot participate in society, wilt away, caught in a snare, not daring to move for fear of lowering still further down, fearing the humiliation, live in constant fear for their lives and survival.

See we not what damage this causes to the whole society, what we are in fact creating, sorrows and difficulties, hopelessness and anger, all that breeds so much harm to us all.

This does not have to be this way, we can change this, create greater equality in society, stop defending the financial system, and the rights of the rich at the expense of the disadvantaged, especially the poor.  There are no natural laws that maintains this injustice, but only the government and the community and we participate in our own silent way and indifference, our lack of compassion and interest.  We are all responsible.

Why do we want to differentiate ourselves so decisive, with money, schooling, which we call education, but is usually little more than memorized learning, which anyone can acquire, if they have the money and the chance to?  No one is better than others when it comes to learning, or other separation.

We know how easy it is to fall into poverty, we should all know it, even the richest can lose everything.  It requires only one event that triggers cycle events, resulting in a dilemma and poverty.  No one is safe.

After all we are all one and the same, the same human, same life, and when we direct our spears towards our smallest brothers and sisters, we are harming ourselves.
For, when are we the smallest.

Everything we do to others, good as evil, we do to ourselves. We are all, one and the same.  We are all life itself.  Nothing else.