14. FAITH, ideas and conclusion

From the beginning, man has wrestled with questions regarding; religions, miracles, angels, demons, spirit guides, life after death, the future and existence, and a host of other things.
The answers are many and varied. Many look for their answers in books and the writings of others, some from their own lives and surroundings.
They will weigh and measure, and then come to some conclusion.
Most will however be satisfied to believe what someone else has concluded on the matter.
Our dilemma, whatever our search method may be is, how do we know which answer is true and right? 

In order to recognize the truth, we must first, each and every one of us, discover it within ourselves.
Then, and only then, can we recognize it, wherever we come across it.
We should never be content with believing other words.  Either they come to us in a conversation or reading books.
Words are only words, and in and of themselves they have no value.

The words used are not the object of the discussion.  They are only a description of what is being talked about.  When we hear words, we should let go of our own and others ideas of what they mean, and try to see the true meaning of what they describe.

But we dare not let go.  We are afraid to let go of the ‘me’ and simply understand.  “I and mine” are more important than the truth.
We so enjoy believing, listening to the talk of other people.  We go to lectures, church gatherings, meetings, mediums, and all kinds of places that are supposed to bring enlightenment and peace to the soul.  Or we may reject all of it, all together.

We are afraid and what we fear the most is to lose our significance and identity.  To be nothing.  But that is exactly what we are, nothing.  The no thing that is nothing and contains everything.  It is inevitable.
As long as we hold on to our present way of thinking, we are unable to see that.  We are unable to recognize the truth, the truth within or wherever it may be manifested.  Consequently, we are content with believing whatever may appear to be truth or we may simply believe that there is no absolute truth.

Truth is, regardless of what we may think it is.