outside the body

The reason I started the search for myself, the being behind all forms, were visits from and to invisible worlds, through dreams.
Many experience this kind of journeys, where they feel they leave the body and go to invisible worlds.

In the beginning I asked not what this was or why, not while it was happening, I was fetched and obeyed and asked nothing, but in the course of time I came to ask questions and then I started experimenting on myself and thus seek answers.

First I tried to leave the body consciously so I could see what happened, I could go out of the body and watch it where it lay on the bed and then enter it again.
I repeated this experiment many times, but no matter how I tried I could never see what really happened. One moment I was inside the body and the next outside of it, but I could not see what happened in between.

The only thing I discovered was that the body was completely paralyzed and stiff when I was outside it, as if it was dead, I tried to poke it but it had no effect, I could not touch it.

I stopped these experiments when I could not enter the body again, no matter how I tried. I was terrified and tried to shake the body and lift its eyelids, but I could not touch it for real. This lasted for few seconds, but felt like forever, so I was immensely relieved when I finally got back in.

I did not dare to continue these experiments for a while, at least not awake, I let it be enough to travel outside the body in dreams, where I had no conscious control over what happened. I did not want to take the risk of being locked outside the body and perhaps never get into it again.

This led to I started wondering whether this was a real or imagined process. I doubted that we could actually leave the body, tear ourselves from it and go and come as we please.
It is pretty clear that if we, could leave the body then would the consciousness and this we call ‘me’ have to have an independent existence outside of and without the body, and if it were so, then the body should not know about these journeys, which it does, which indicates the experience is physical.

What causes that people experience themselves outside of the body? Something sets this process in motion, but what?
Inheritance could be one factor and not unlikely, as there are often more than one in the same family who experience this.
This is clearly a physical process, that has something to do with the brain or the whole body, visible and invisible at the same time, because the body is visible in the real world, but our consciousness, invisible and apparently powerless in another and perhaps imaginary world, where we cannot touch the body. It also seems not to be clear and tangible connection between these worlds.

Why do we choose to believe that there is an existence outside the body, rather than to see it as a fabrication of the brain and even defect or disadvantage?
We are always looking for something. We look at all the disaster around us and start looking for something better.
We ask not how all these disasters came about, we do not want to know that this is our creation, in harmony with ourselves, so we look for other worlds beyond our own, in the hope of finding something better than this world we live in. It gives way to all sorts of spiritual matters, abilities and experiences.

Both Christianity and Islam speak of visions and visits from God and Allah.
The Bible tells of how Saul breathing out threatening’s and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord: “As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground, and heard a voice say to him, Saul, Saul, why persecutes thou me? … Saul got up from the ground, but when he opened his eyes he could see nothing.” See more: Act, 9:1-8.

History tells that Muhammad ibn Abdullah has suffered from epilepsy through childhood and about forty years old, he started getting visions and other oddity that convinced him that he was a prophet of Allah. He had these visions over a decade and was often in a trance-like state when standing in the street or by the holy Kaaba, and the words flowed from his lips, without him being able to do anything about it, (Helstu truarbrogd heims, 1962, p. 86). Followers of Islam state that these visions came from Allah.

We cannot know for sure, from where these visions and voices came, but we can view history and compare it to modern science.
The blindness of Saul and the voices he heard could have been due to heat and sunstroke after a long walk in the sun: “As sunstroke becomes more severe, the sufferer may be prone to hallucinations.” See more: wiceGEEK.
Although the sources are not in agreement about the illness of Muhammad, then it must be taken into account that it is widely acknowledged that Muhammad had epilepsy and today is known that it can be accompanied by all sorts of visions and hearing.

The word epilepsy is misleading as it is not regarded a disease but a symptom that can have various causes, as a result, are seizures many and diverse. For example, so-called Complex partial seizures, caused by abnormal electrical activity in the temporal lobe; Psychomotor seizures, characterized by psychic symptoms, loss of judgment, automatic behavior, and abnormal acts; and Temporal lobe seizures, which is the most common form of partial or localization related epilepsy. See more: Epilepsy Foundation.

Complex partial seizures are quite common and are characterized by recurrent seizures that occur when the normal electrical signals of the brain is disturbed by a sudden high voltage electrical waves triggered either in all the brain or part of it.
Some people can have seizures of this kind without realizing anything has happened as the seizure can wipe out memories of events just before or after it. People move their mouth, pick at the air or their clothing, or perform other purposeless actions.
People often sense their environment in a dream-like manner, also characterizes strange, unintended behavior this type of seizure such as talking incoherent, seeing things, hearing voices and empty staring gaze, and some people get intense religious experiences. See more: Epilepsy Foundation, The Naked Scientists and LAUF, website.
Perhaps not so different from a man who fell into a trance as he stood on the street outside and the words flowed from his lips, (Helstu truarbrogd heims, 1962, p. 86).

In light of this one may ask whether the story would have been different if this knowledge had existed in the past and whether it would have explained the visions of Saul and of Muhammad differently, at the time they were experiencing it.
It is most likely that it would not. New knowledge certainly gives new answers, but old knowledge says that God’s ways are mysterious ways and the choice of channel is God’s and not men. Sunstroke and epilepsy would have been considered as good as any other channel for God’s messages.

This was about sunstroke and epilepsy and not experience outside the body. What connects these three seemingly disparate elements together?

It is known that sunstroke and epilepsy can trigger hallucinations and hearing. Studies conducted to examine differences in the EEGs (brain wave activity) of epilepsy and medium-coma or trance-like state, which allows communication with the dead, and the experience of being outside the body, showed the same kind of brain waves in all cases.

It may well be that we would like the experiences outside of the body and other religious experiences to trigger another type of brain waves than those triggering the seizures or the sunstroke’s, but it is only a simple desire for the existence of other worlds, life after death and so many other things.

The facts speak for themselves, epilepsy, which has so often been subjected to prejudice and other forms of stupidity, could be the reason why people experience themselves outside of the body.
It does not mean that the reason is definitely epilepsy, but the possibility exists and if we reject that the situation could be physical in nature, brain function or epilepsy, then we create a world of deception around our existence, and if we do that, then we block the reality, the truth.

It certainly changes the picture if all these wonders, that come with the experience outside the body, have no reality other than epilepsy and certainly it would be harder to sell it as something of supernatural origin, but it would not be all bad, it could bring us some kind of freedom, because if experience outside of the body and trance-like state, associated with talking to the dead, seeing spirits and getting supernatural lessons, are a type of epilepsy, then it means that it is part of the individual experiencing it, and not outside him. All the knowledge that is attached to it would belong to the individual, or rather be him.

We have differentiated ourselves in many different aspects, each of which stores a particular expertise. Not only the mediums and seers, but we all and it does not matter what types of brain waves are measured in us.

All this separate knowledge is in the same person, if the person would be complete then disappeared all fractures. Then would the knowledge also be complete and completely independent of ideas and strange conditions, accessible anywhere at any time, always.

To be whole we must dare to face up to what we are, no matter what it is. We have to remove the fragments, one by one and leave everything, all the invisible worlds, the guides, creatures, demons and gods, everything, until nothing is left, then appears who or what we are, our true self. No-thing.
Then we are it, no-thing, the same no-thing containing all. Then we are no longer in fragments but complete. For he who is no-thing contains all.

IH, 1990



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