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To know and not know

... northern lights ...

… northern lights …

We want to be wise, men are so wonderfully wise in our minds, and it seems no matter what they are asked they know almost everything.  This yields all kinds of ideas, which have no basis in reality.  Not because men cannot be wise, but wisdom is not the same as knowing terribly much.
To know very much is the same thing as being filled with the knowledge that we have acquired through our training and books, which may as well be a hindrance to us than the other.  Many people try to make themselves greater with the wise sentences and believe they are thereby wise, but there is not much wisdom in pretending and believing all kinds of things.

Someone once said that he knew only that he knew nothing, he might have been wise or not, but many people have repeated these words and some stylized and modified them, like the man who said, wisest is she who knows what she knows not.

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The path to the truth

... church ...
… church …

Some people are religious and others atheists, but no matter what we are, it is quite certain that none of us knows if there is a god or some sort of all mighty, we cannot prove nor disprove the existence of god.  It is just a simple fact.  And we should remember that when we are fighting with each other religions worldwide, my god and your god.

Nonetheless we seem to need some sort of connection to an almighty, because we are so small against nature and the whole world, so vulnerable and can so easily die, suddenly, out of nowhere.
We need protection, to find someone to protect us, and someone to blame if things go wrong, we need to find something to give us purpose and even importance.  That is why we created gods to take care of us, gods to bless us and protect us, gods to save us from ourselves and others.

So it started and continued, we sought ways to approach it, because it would be useless if we could not let our gods know our needs and expectations.
We created many and various ways, prayers as thanks, for all the good things, and we thanked even when life was hard.  We could not let the almighty to be bad or even evil, so we decided to change all the bad and difficult and make it good, and thus changed difficulties in learning and trial.  God trusted us to meet the difficulties, we would get rewards later, in heaven.  After all, god punishes those he loves. Right?

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... tolerance ...
… tolerance …

We are so funny, the humans, with all our ideas and importance, and everything else we can think of to do, and argue about.
We come together, discuss issues, argue and fight for our own ideas against others.  But in the end we realize that this was all just a crap, and then we turn our attention to the next idea, the next debate, and the next conference on the issue.  And thus we repeat this again and again, sometimes with a new topic, and sometimes we repeat what was previously discussed.
So we are, we never see beyond our nose.

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The Devil

... devil ...

… devil …

Many, if not all, of our ideas about good and evil have human forms.  Gods are men, also the devil and his demons, goddesses are women like the name suggests, mother of God and other holy women.
Why we create these ideas as mortal men I do not know, probably we find it difficult to think of life in a form other than human.
But whether these ideas have human form, or are an invisible energy, or something else, they are always in our minds and frequently to harm.

Many people believe that those who have not received Christian baptism or belong to some particular religion or sect, create their own hell after death.  Few things are more evil than that to believe such, especially when small children are involved.
When I was very young I heard a pastor say this to a grieving mother and I became very angry, I felt the priest was the devil in flesh, for saying such things about innocent children.  But of course my anger was only fear of his words, I knew that this was widely preached and feared it.  And that is exactly what the devil is; fear.

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Heritage of the generations

... for eternity ...
… for eternity …

We all have our own world, we live in.  Thus are a variety of worlds, political worlds, worlds of crimes and honesty, worlds of different religions and fashion, my world and your world, the possibilities are endless.
Every human being creates his world out of and in line with himself.  We are the world.

At first glance, no two worlds seem similar.  But closer examination reveals that the foundation of them all is the same, happiness, unhappiness, beautiful, ugly, health, diseases, ambition, life policies, strife, love and hate.  The basis of all our worlds is fear.  Endless fear.

As we are so are our worlds.  We laugh and cry, feel love and hatred, and dream of a better world?  Bur who have laid down their own will and desires and only are?  Can we say that we are fearless?  Without at all?

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