Who, what, how?

Who, how, whyWe judge each other based on what we see, especially the face, beautiful, ugly, young, old, tired, fresh, and so on.  But when we have no face what do we use then?

Sure we can view the package, it appears to be young, the clothing, probable female and thus seek a definition to judge by.

Who are we?  What are we?  How are we? An image made by us for us to use?  Absolutely.  Point all targets from?  Yes, that to.  Like this or that?  No doubt. Young yesterday, old today?  No, not that but still that.

I have to tell you we are exactly the same today as we were the day we were born, both in age and abilities.  We are in no way changed.  We have nothing learned.  Our knowledge is the same as in the beginning as well is our age, hopes and dreams.  And this applies to all of us, whether we like it or not.

I have been exactly like this all my live.  I have always had dreams of something bright and beautiful, have always been two in one, the small, hyperactive, impulsive girl and the wiser one to help her out of her troubles.  I always wake up happy for being alive and ready to participate in this great creation.  I have always known that the two girls, the impulsive and wiser, and everything else, are one and the same.  There is no differentiation.  I have always known that I am the life and the matter and all that it contains.

I have really never learned anything.  Never.

I am still getting myself into trouble and out again.  I am still full of practical and unrealistic ideas.  I am still dreaming.  I still wake up happy every day thankful for being alive and ready to participate in the creation.  And so I will be until I die.  Therefore I might as well accept and love this me, the image Inga.

I know there are many people who protest this and bring a decent argument to support their case.  I also know how difficult it is for many to face this simple truth, especially young people, well no, all people for that matter, no matter what gender or educational level they belong to, or their age.  But that will not change the fact that this is true and correct.

I have been told about the transition from child to adult and more like that.  And certainly there is no reason to argue over that, I know at the beginning I had not full control over the device body to show and express myself.  But it will not change the fact that I have not in any way changed since then.  I have not yet achieved full control of this wonder device, the body sometimes takes over my life and creates behavior that are not considered appropriate according to the norm.  It is called ADHD.

If we take some new item, gift rape it, keep it for 70-80 years, examine it once in a while and then open it again 80 years later it will be unchanged, untouched, just as new and exactly the same as when raped it so many years ago.

So it is with us.  The one looking out of the body has no age.  And we should have it in mind in our relationship with each other, especially children and elderly.  We are all the same age, about 25 years old or so.

I am convinced that the person looking out the eyes has no age.  In other word, I am convinced that the ‘me’ inside the shell, has no age and never had.  We have perhaps learned how to control the body since we arrived and possible seen one or two things that have molded some strange ideas in our heads.  But still we cannot see our face and I am not talking about my mirror image, therefore we do not know how we look in our daily relationships with ourselves and others and if our birthday had not been securely registered and reminded once a year we would not have any idea of our age.  The wrapping may have become somewhat skew, torn here and there, and lost some of its color, but we, the beings within, are still the same.  Always the same.

It is an absolute truth that the person who looks out has no age.

We are untouchable, unchangeable, the same for ever more.  We are.

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