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… geldingahnappur …

Differentiation is found everywhere and covers virtually all aspects of our lives.  We differentiate ourselves in the race, nations, men and women, the elderly, young, hands, feet, head and internal organs, everywhere we look we see separation.

Sometimes it seems that we think this is real, that we are in fact separated, you and I and everyone else and everything else.  I know that many people can see that this is not always and everywhere so, but no doubt they are more who think that separation is a fact and even necessary.

Certainly, differentiation is a good tool for understanding the various aspects of our environment, and ourselves, but that is all it is, a tool for understanding.  If we have an understanding of one part of the body it gives us and understanding of the other parts.  But though we can separate all created things, down to the smallest unit, it equals not, everything needs to be separated, and in fact it is not so.  We are still all one and the same, and everything.

While we know this, we let as it is not true, we only need to listen to ourselves talk, you and I, my children and your, the sun and moon, winter and summer.  But even if we could combine it to one, then it is only because we feel it separated from ourselves, different factors all over, which share living on this earth.  We do not need to take the stars of heaven, the sun and the moon into account, it is just an idea of something we got from scientists, not something we can measure with our own eyes.  Right?

But what we feel the most difficult to merge into one, are matter and spirit, we could probably imagine a person and God, and even as one, but we have difficulty with brain and thought.  We really do not see how thought can be material such as the brain.  If we say that thought is energy and therefore real, then we are happy to accept that, but we still do not understand how the brain and thought can be one and the same.
So we just forget it and let as it is separated and that thought can even have its own life outside and without the brain.  But the thought is not separated from the brain.  Brain and thinking are one and the same.

If we simulate the brain to water we can see that both the water and the brain are material.  And it does not necessarily mean that they are exactly the same material, but only that both are material.
Waves of the water are also material.  But they are not separated from the water, or made of material other than water.
The waves are the movement of this particular material we call water.
Thus we can also imagine the brain as material and thoughts as movement of that same material.  The brain is not one and the thought another, but are brain and thought one and the same.

Silent brain is without thoughts like water without a ripple.  Crystal clear and still.
We know that water can do nothing to quiet itself.  If we throw stones into the water or the wind moves its surface the waves will rise.  If we however let be throwing stones into the water and the wind ceases to ripple the surface it is smooth and quiet.
The water cannot have any effect there on, neither prevent the waves to rise or stop them once they have arisen.  The waves rise as a movement which gradually fade out until the water becomes calm again.

Are we perhaps also unable to silence the brain, like the water waves?
At first it seems so.  We are constantly throwing stones at the brain in the form of self-created importance, concerns and most unlikely questions.  And the environment in the form of various stimuli, moves and ripples the surface of the brain, like the wind water.  And it is like we can do nothing about it.

Why do we not let go of all the questions and let the stimuli pass us?  What is it within us that continually throws out questions and receives stimuli?
What throws out and receives stimuli is in fact the brain itself in the form of an image the brain has created and given the name me.
The questioner is the me.  And it is this me which must be silent and disappear.

Unlike the water we have the capacity to be able to see our own waves or thoughts.  And we have the option to withdraw from all the questions and stimuli.  For that we must dare to let go of the me, the importance and be nothing.
It is clear that when the me is not there, no importance, there are not any questions and nothing to receive environmental stimuli.  Then the brain is quiet.

Why are we not silent?  Is it because we know not how?  Do not know what to do?
How is not an option, because how is a thought which is the rolling waves of the brain.  The me must simply be silent and end.  It happens when we see the reality of the me and that means to see and understand, completely, not just superficial.
When we see that the me is only an image built up by the brain, ourselves, then it disappears.
Then calm down the waves of the brain.  Then the brain is silent.
At that moment there is truth.  The truth can never be limited thought.

When the me disappears as does all time.  There is a total silence, absolute stillness.  Not the slightest movement.  No thought.  It is like nothing.  Yet there is life.  There is a silence and peace.

We cannot know it at the moment it happens.  Knowing is a thought.  We can only know it after it is gone and then it is only the rolling waves of memories.

From that moment the me goes and truth comes there is silence and peace.  Then we know the value of our thoughts.  And it is a permanent condition.
Then get our thoughts no other space than the moment allows.  Waves rise and fade out, for they stay as long as needed and then they disappear.  Then the brain is silent.  Clear and still.