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Some people are religious and others atheists, but no matter what we are, it is quite certain that none of us knows if there is a god or some sort of all mighty, we cannot prove nor disprove the existence of god.  It is just a simple fact.  And we should remember that when we are fighting with each other religions worldwide, my god and your god.

Nonetheless we seem to need some sort of connection to an almighty, because we are so small against nature and the whole world, so vulnerable and can so easily die, suddenly, out of nowhere.
We need protection, to find someone to protect us, and someone to blame if things go wrong, we need to find something to give us purpose and even importance.  That is why we created gods to take care of us, gods to bless us and protect us, gods to save us from ourselves and others.

So it started and continued, we sought ways to approach it, because it would be useless if we could not let our gods know our needs and expectations.
We created many and various ways, prayers as thanks, for all the good things, and we thanked even when life was hard.  We could not let the almighty to be bad or even evil, so we decided to change all the bad and difficult and make it good, and thus changed difficulties in learning and trial.  God trusted us to meet the difficulties, we would get rewards later, in heaven.  After all, god punishes those he loves. Right?

This was our way to god.  But then we wanted more, we wanted to be the favorite children of god, whom he loved more than others, so some of us acquired a deeper connection with god, and thought they had found the ways and means to find him in person.
There were still others who decided that wealth was a way to god, because he trusted the chosen ones to take care of the wealth.  We have often heard this sentiment from the rich and famous, both in their words and actions.

But then, when we looked out across the world, at all the religions we had created, then we saw that all was not very good, we had created a monster in the form of various religions and gods, who caused endless conflicts and wars between men and nations.
It is amazing and spectacular imagination we have.  Imagine what we could accomplish if we used this power for good and peace between people and nations.

This sounds like a story from an ancient fairy tales, but we know well that this is what we did, and so we are, so our gods are, not just loving and righteous, but also the rest, and so it is today.

We continued and are still creating, still looking for ways to access all this, an almighty in all its glory.

Some say that the paths to the truth, god, or what we want to call it, are both many and varied and then we create different systems to approach it, churches, organizations, rules, and associated ritual, all of it to bring us the truth.
But nothing happens.  We are no closer.  And instead of asking why and lay down our activities, that clearly change nothing, then we continue in eternal circle.

If we seriously desire the truth, the whole truth and nothing else, we must turn to ourselves, and be honest with ourselves, we must dare to let go of our imagination and stop creating this confusion, and just face the truth, because the way or path is not outside of us.  Certainly the paths can be many, but not for the systems, and exercises or else we do, but only that we are.  And we are many, billions of people in search of the truth, each in their own way, individually.  We are the way to truth.  Therefore, we must find the truth within ourselves.

We have confused paths and methods.  What we have called paths are in fact only methods.  And although the two can be compatible, it is by no means the same.  Paths are one and methods other.
The reason that we do not move forward, so to speak, is that the so-called method through ourselves is only one, and not many and varied.  We unite all within, in all life.  Life is one and the same in all.

We can stop pointing at each other and say, ‘you choose Christianity, you Buddhism, you theology and occult, but all this leads us to the truth’.  This is simply not true.  Each one has just one way and one method.  Himself.
If we want to discover the truth we have to leave everything.  We must peel of us everything we have gathered us, on our walk through life, until the truth is left.

No matter how we try to keep the different methods and approaches, by saying each one having his method of viewing himself, it will not work, because it is not right.  The path can only be one, we look, examine and let go.  That is all.
We must know that truth is only one, unchangeable and eternal, the same today and every day, for all men.  For everything.

When everything is examined and all omitted, then remains what we actually are.  Nothing.  The same nothing that contains everything.  Truth.  And it is each of us and all.  Nothing else.