The idea of soul has been with mankind throughout the ages.
Many people see the soul as separate item from the body, as an eternal light, or something similar, which leaves the body at death and goes to another place.
Other people see the man as triune, body, soul and spirit, but still with the same idea of the soul and spirit leaving the body behind at its death.
Then there are those who see the soul as some sort of connection between God and man.
Thus people separate the soul from the human body, believing the soul as one and superior to the body and the body as other and lesser, something that just dies.
There are probably many other ideas about the soul hovering around in the world

But is there a soul?
One thing is certain, for the soul to exist there has to be distinction between the almighty and man.  If there is no distinction, then the soul does not exist, and is only our idea or invention.

We have so many strange ideas and believes about ourselves, life, and death, everything.  To believe that the body is separated from life is the same as saying that life stops somewhere, ends at some definite place, and suddenly there is no more life, so those who die fade away from life and are thereafter outside and without it.  We must see how strange and wrong that idea is, because it simply cannot be right.  We can never be outside and without life, because life is everything and everywhere.  So death must be a part of life, to die is still life in another form.  Life is all there is, there is nothing outside it.

It must be obvious that though the body has stopped to function in the manner it has done until its death then specific activity is still going on, as it changes its form and becomes soil.
Maybe we do not see it as an important factor or something to be taken into consideration.  But the fact remains that the body needs energy to change to soil and that calls for the question, from where and how, because this energy is certainly alive.

Why are we always separating us from life and in fact everything?  We divide us into small pieces, head, hands, feet, brain and all kinds of organs and then we divide these part into even smaller pieces; thus the brain has many different brain activities within itself etc.  And we do not stop there, we create discrimination between people, you are one and I another, endless differentiation.  We are always taking apart and never combining.
We say, “I see all kind of things outside of me, I feel sad, I have cells in my body and genes, I am happy, I am greater than you, I have a soul, there is a God out there or some kind of almighty” but we never ask what unites all this we see, do, have, think, and believe.

Is it perhaps impossible for us to see ourselves as a whole, not just as a whole within the same body but one with all living things?  You are me and I you and we one with life, the almighty, God, or whatever we want to call it.

Unity of life and man and freedom from differentiation means that life and man are one. When there is no distinction then life is united with the matter, or body, and thus will follow it to the grave and be with it as it changes to soil and from there to eternity.  The creator is the creation and it will never be apart.

Thus the life is also the physical body.  So where is the soul?  If we try to place it there somewhere we are placing it in between man and life, and thus separating us from life.

If life is the body there is no need for a soul. That indicates that the soul has no other existence than our imagination.  The soul is our creation, our fear and longing for something else, something better than this world we have created for us.

But there is no me and a soul, no me and everything else, there is no me at all, only life. Life is us, not only part of us, not only some of us, but we all, both the body and not the body, both you and I and everything. There is no separation, we are all one and the same, one and united, life, and it can never be apart.