Would it not be wonderful if we were all large and interesting, very wealthy and healthy, with no worries and just wonderful life?
But would we know it?  How could we know it if we were all like that?  Then we would have nothing to show us that, no comparison.  And that we could not accept, because then no one could see how remarkable we are and much better than others, and what would be the fun of it?

It is comparison that controls our lives.  We can just be larger than those that are smaller and smaller than those that are larger, and this applies to everything, beautiful and ugly, good and bad, everything.  It does not matter where we look; it is all relative to something else.  But does it have to be like that?  Is it possible to stop the comparison?
We know that there are large and small, good and bad, but do we have to compare it, can big not be big for itself?  Need it to compare itself with little? Whence came this, is it learned or maybe just a misunderstanding or an old habit?

The reality is that the small and insignificant are absolutely essential for the large and remarkable.
Because we cannot say we are large and remarkable but compared to a small and insignificant.
And we desire nothing more than to be seen, clearly, because we fear nothing more than being invisible, lost from the world and all.

This comparison, better and worse, is really just a method, the me acquiring existence, being visible and important.  Because if I am just me and not compared to you or anything, it is not certain that you can see me and then who am I and where am I, lost, dead, not existing, or just existing for myself.

Why should we not dare to be invisible, lost and just for us?  Are we not large enough and interesting enough for us?

We must know that there are only small people who want to seem larger than they are, insecure people who seek safety in power and importance, powerless people who need the power of money, and frightened people who have to gather courage and be brave.
So the next time someone looks down to us and judges us inferior to others, it is fear speaking.  And it is ours to decide whether it is fear or love that listens.

We do not need to be compared with anything; large can be large without comparing itself with small, and small can be small without trying to be large.

The need to be something is fear.  And frightened people are prisoners of fear.  Because while we are not happy with what we are, and we find in us need to become something else, and in comparison to others, we are bound by it.

Those, who are nothing, need nothing.  They are free from fear.  And fearless man exists for himself and that can just be freedom and peace and beneficial for all of us.  That should be enough.