We admire the wisdom and look up to those who we think are wise but ignore those who we think are stupid.  Probably because we do not all know that what we see is always ourselves and never others.
So when we see something wise, it is us, and when we see stupid, it is us.  We are always watching and judging ourselves.
We need only to look at all the phrases that we have created about the wisdom and foolishness, “honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom, wisdom is acquired through suffering, no one is always wise, stupidity and arrogance grow on the same tree, and compliments delight the stupid  and etc.”

We know very well that these phrases are just words that are meant to show our excellence or demean others.
So when we say or hear phrases like ’you learn with age’ or ‘old man wise man’ then we must know that they are only empty words, clichés that have no value.
Because we do not learn by getting older, when we are ready to learn we learn and we are our own teachers.  Ant it has nothing to do with age.

He alone is wise who knows himself, whether young or old.  This is the only phrase that comes close to being worth something. For it to know yourself is probably the only knowledge that is worth something.

We can see middle aged and old people around us, doing the same stupid things as the young.  We are these people.

We use words like fate, destiny, God, or other, made this happen.  It was supposed to happen, karma, fate, just not we, never we.
And so we look past our own activities, we obviously believe wrong, otherwise we would gladly own them.
Thus we lose the opportunity to self-knowledge.

When we stop to flee ourselves and face reality, ourselves as we are, whether young or old, all our problems, worries, regrets and memories, then all fear disappears.

We only have to dare to stop and see ourselves and not judge, wrong or right.  Only see.  We are neither bad nor good.  We are only human and all human qualities are ours.  Also those we do not want to own.
Of course it is no fun for our ego to discover that we can also lie and deceive.  Own these qualities, which we judge so harshly in others.  It is still the way we are, it is all ours.

If we are to know ourselves as we are, then we cannot exclude anything.  For in order to escape the power of these qualities, we must firs see and own them.  How can we get rid of what we do not want to admit that is within us?

If we look at ourselves in relation with others and others in dealing with yet others, we can easily see that there is little or none difference between adults and children.  More often than not adults are and behave like children.  We have really learned nothing.

We should not be content with sitting in misery and self-pity and blame it all on destiny, God, karma or other people or the situation.  We should rather take down the mask and face ourselves.  See ourselves as we are.
We should lay down our childishness.
But we must be careful and avoid judging ourselves, evil or good, and thus create a new, ugly or beautiful, mask of ourselves.  We need only to look and see.  Thus we are and no different.

When we have the courage to peal of our layers until all is gone we will be free from ourselves and at the same time from everything and everyone.
Then the shadows of the past fade away and we can walk fearless forward without ever looking back.