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Kreppa 3

Name: “Crisis”
Size: 60. cm high, 5 kg
Material: root, Rocl and steel
Artist: Inga Helgadóttir
Location: Privet owner
Date: June 2012

This is Crisis (Kreppa), small and strange being, created by humans, for humans to blame for the bad state they have created around their existence.

Humans created her from the roots of the trees and filled here with their spirit of life.
The stone which the sculpture stands on is a combination of natural variant of glass, formed in eruption (hrafntinna), ash, lava and rocks, a very hard material.
Between the rock and the sculpture is a steel pin that lifts it up from the stone and gives it dignity.
Crisis does not know why see exists, but sometimes … See more photos>

Under heavy load

Under heavy load - sumar og vetur

Name: “Under heavy load”
Size: 180. cm high, about 100 kg
Material: Tree, dolerite and steel
Artist: Inga Helgadóttir
Location: The garden at Grenimel 15, Reykjavík
Date: July 2002

The trunk of the tree symbolizes us, the humans; it is a combination of animal and divine spirit.  The animal is the trunk and the spirit is the invisible force that exists in the tree and managed its growth while it was still standing.
The trunk seems to be running but it cannot go anywhere because of the weight that keeps it restrained.
The rock that rests on top of the trunk is gray and irregular in shape and represents … continue reading>


MomentThe art work “Moment” represents birth and death and the moment between these two factors, the existence of us all. When the first part of the project had become a reality it was somewhat natural to make the second part, which would represents death and the birth of new life and the moment between those two factors.  It was much easier as digital cameras were now part of my tools and the shortest night of the year 2005 was born the art piece “Sunset, sunrise”.  Together, form these two pieces the art work “Moment”.
In icelandic the name of the artwork is Andartak, that means, breath, and in my mind it is a good description of life, breath, and nothing morep  Contuniue reading<

That is life


THAT IS LIFE is a name of a project I did and made into an exhibition. The whole work is 6 photos which all tell a story along with a text belonging to each photo.

I gave the process the working name  Darling boy (Beautiful boy), which is a name of a song by John Lennon, in it I found this wonderful words, Life is just what happens to you, While your busy making other plans. That is exactly how life is, exactly what happened to those people who came to me in my dreams, what happens to us all in one form or another.  That is life >

My life story

This video shows the story of my life, all these people in my life, family, friends, acquaintances, and many more, few walked with me all the way, others came and went, and still others ran through. And all this happened in the twinkling of an eye, like a finger snap, and then it was over. So is life, is it not?

But it is not only on the outside, people are on the run.  Is it?  It is also we ourselves, we are the people that run around, all of them, here and now, in this moment.