A young man and young woman were arguing about astrology, the truth of it and its usefulness.
They did not agree on the matter, she was a believer in God, and stood by her convictions and faith and he was an astrologer and skilled in his profession.
It was not easy to see who would win the debate, but she was very determined and consistent and the time came when she was about to take him down from his pedestal.  He gave up and offered her reconciliation, in a way that they both were right.  Thus they would both win the debate.  She accepted, but she obviously felt she had won and that made her happy.

We often do this, think we can bend, pull and stretch the truth in accordance with our wishes.
But it is not possible, the truth either is or is not, it is not more complicated than that.  This we pull and stretch has nothing to do with truth.  Truth is completely its own and what we think of it is of no concern to it.

They were both wrong.  When there are two different views, then one could be right and the other wrong, or both wrong.  Because two parties with different views cannot both be right in the sense right being the truth.  For this, the truth has to be variable and then it would not be the truth.  Why?  To answer it we must first define what truth is.  So what is truth?

There can only be one truth, unchangeable, immutable and eternal, the same at all times for all men.  As soon as it changes it is no longer truth and what is no longer the truth, never was, we just thought it was.  And truth can never be what we think or our idea.  For truth to be real it must be true always.  Not just for a while.
What is immutable is neither one nor another.  Something is always relative to something else and then changeable.
Neither one nor another is the same as nothing, and then only itself, all of it.
I know this sounds strange, nothing as itself could easily be considered as something and therefore seen as conflict.  But it is not conflict.  This is the only way to describe it, so I repeat; neither one nor another is the same as nothing, and then only itself, all of it.
What is only itself is complete unity.  It just is.  Not comparable to anything else.  Disagreement is always something compared to something else.
What is unshakable is complete in itself.  It needs no one and nothing.  Whether we believe it is, or not, does not matter for it.
Truth is life and life is we, all of us, and everything.  Truth is therefore nothing that contains everything.
That which is us cannot be found, owned, learned, debated, nor given or sold to others.  We can only be it.  All of it.