... when does man kill a man ...

… when does man kill a man …

If someone kills our spouse
we kill him.
If someone beats our spouse
we beat him.
If someone steals from our spouse
we steal from him.
If someone loves our spouse
we love him.

So it is, is it not?  The more innocent it is and the closer we get to love the more absurd it becomes.
Why do we murder the murderer, with rope, electricity or poison? Why do we beat those who are violent and why steal from the thief, or punish them in other ways?  Why do we love the one that loves our spouse?  No, we do not necessarily love the lover, we exclude love.
This is pretty much the way we are, we turn everything upside down, stretch it and pull, modify it according to our own ideas, according to the weather and the winds in our lives, repeatedly and endlessly.
We change innocence to mortal sin and then justify other sins indefinitely.
Other may not love our assets, and we own our spouses and allow no others to love them.  Our thoughts and ideas are often far from all rationality, though we believe ourselves to be rational beings, perhaps it is the greatest absurdities, to think that we are sensible, because this is how we act, when everything is examined, so we are clearly not sensible.

If someone kills our spouses then we kill him.  Around the world, this is not only tolerated but also legislated.  Murder is punishable by death worldwide.  An eye for an eye is widely alive and pursued.

As soon as it comes to beating, then softens our attitude, because if someone beats our spouses then we do not necessarily hit him.  But we understand those who do and don not blame them.  We are still in an eye for an eye.

Theft is the middle, where it starts to reverse, because if someone steals from us or our spouses we do not necessarily do the same.  We punish for theft.  Accomplish retaliation.  But an eye for an eye is too much.

The turnaround is final with love, because if any others love our spouses then they get to feel our hatred.  No one may love our spouses, except for us.
Others can kill our spouses, beat them and steal from them.  While none of this is desirable and not what we wish for them, it is better than others loving them.  Everything except that.

We have turned everything upside down.  Yet we know that execution is no solution and often terrible mistake, when innocent people are taken from life, because of the shortcomings of the law.
To beat back is just an eye for an eye and by responding so we are in fact accepting the act as all right.  It to punish others is just revenge.  None of these reactions are useful or beneficial.

We love hate and hate love.  Still we know that the only solution is to love it all.  Complete.  Also, that we do not want to include.
Love can only be complete or none.  All or nothing.  And then it is just a matter of choice, whether we want hatred or love.  That is all.