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Is anyone out there?



Teh peace-pole

In my search for myself, I met all kinds of concepts and definitions, thousands of words, again and again.  I asked questions, endless questions, and people answered and told, even beings from another world, and nothing happened.  Until all of a sudden I heard the words that led me from this place that I was stuck in.  The words were these; “you have to peel from you everything you have collected so far”. Something in me heard these words, understood something in these words, so I did as told. At first I did not know quite what that ‘everything’ was so I just started somewhere and examined, saw and let go.  This ‘somewhere’ was of course my closest environment, my people and property.  Soon I realized what was valid for one, was valid to all, so it quickly spread in all direction, near and far until everything was gone.  When I had become empty then came the truth.

So I started to spread the words, what I had discovered.  At that time there was no internet, so I wrote it down and I published a book and then I talked and talked, sent out thousands of words, in the hope that somewhere out there was someone who might receive them, someone who might understand something in them, which he could carry within him and then send further, out to the world.  Whether it happened I do not know.

It is a bit strange to talk and talk and not know if out there is someone who listens, who hears a small sound that changes his life. Yet you know there must be someone else out there, in the same situation as you were, someone who is waiting to meet another who speaks the same language as he, someone he can talk to, about what happened, someone who knows what he is talking about, someone who can tell it to others from his own heart, with his words.

And finally you hear a sound, another human being, a woman, is talking, telling, and the words touch your hart.  You hear she knows and you know that she is talking about you.  And it is not just one, not just she, but two, a young man, and more, strange how they come suddenly into your life, all at once.

Yet they use a different form to express themselves, a modern form, the forms have changed from speeches and writings to videos and audio recordings.  And yet you know that this is it, they are talking about you, they have found ‘it’.

And then suddenly there is light in your head, an idea, “hey, they are using another kind of forms, new forms, take it and use it to emphasize your words, forward their forms into the world so more people can see and hear what they are saying, what you have been talking about all these years. And that is exactly what I do now, put in here the audio recording and video that tells in a different way what I have been trying to say with my writings.  Now it is yours to accept and used according to yourselves. Have fun.