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The will, to want

Road 208 - Fjallabak (Behind the mountains)“All you need is will, if you just want to” say all kinds of old phrases about the will, and thus we are taught the importance of the will and the necessity to want all kinds of everything.
But the will is not important, or necessary; it restricts and prevents prosperity and peace and is in fact evil.
The will is never what is, but always what is to be, based on what was.  And it can never be other than illusion, because what was and will be does not exist.
Reality is always what is, in the here and now.  The will is therefore flight from reality.

This is the topic in chapter 2 in the book “The moment”

No evil, no good

No evil, no goodI wanted to give this section the name “Back to Paradise”, but decided that “No evil, no good” would  suit better, even though the result is back to Paradise..
It is true, evil has been with mankind since time immemorial as the good.
I do not know why, maybe it roots are as far back as the story of Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
One thing is quite certain, evil cannot exist without good, they are the opposite sides of the same idea, and will never be separated.  So if we want to get rid of the evil, we must dare to let go of the good.  Thus is it.  Chapter 32 is about good and evil, it exists and what it could have a way to dispose of it.  Chapter 30>