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The force of us all

All Icelanders know that Christmas starts at six o’clock on Christmas Eve, then ring the church bells in Christmas, people sit at the table and Christmas has begun.  And just at that moment hovers the spirit of joy and peace over the country.

We see this as quite natural, since this has always been so, and although we are in a position to not hear the church bells or sit at the table we know anyway, wherever in the world we are, when the clock strikes six on Christmas Eve, then Christmas has begun.

And at that moment unite the minds of Icelanders into one, thereby creating a strong collective awareness of peace on earth, so all over us and in our hearts will be happiness and warmth.

We know all this because we’ve all experienced it, from the very beginning of our lives, but perhaps not everyone knows how strong energy arises precisely at this moment, force of joy and peace, the energy of all of us, united in one.  It is a strong force and good.

And now that we know it, we should remember it, when a lot is going on in the nation and many things to take care of and fix, especially for those disadvantaged.  The united awareness of all of us, of joy and peace is not just to save, not just to be used on special days, or this one day of the year, but can be raised anywhere and anytime.

So when any part of the population is in need of all the others, then we should unite in one place, in body and spirit, ring within us the church bells, find the peace in our hearts and unite it with and for all.

But this also applies to all the inhabitants of the earth, all mankind, so when any part of the world is in need of all the others, we should unite into one, the whole world, in body and spirit, at the exact moment, ring within us the church bells, find peace within our hearts and unite it with and for all the world.  That is love.


Force by rejection

In heavy stormEveryone is forcing others to do, behave, speak and other, in accordance with what they feel that everything should be.  Why can we not let the others about theirs and let our own be enough.  Do we really believe that we will gain anything by judging and rejecting others and everything they stand for?  Or are we just fleeing ourselves, flee it to face ourselves, flee it to accept ourselves as we are, no matter what we name it?  These judgments and rejections are everywhere, no matter where we look, there it is.  Why can we not let go of our importance and only be?  What is it that we fear so much?  Is it others we fear or maybe ourselves?  This is the content of chapter 31.