4. Solitude is scary

Solitude is scary
It is scary to stand alone, with no one to support us, to encourage and help if needed, but if we really desire to discover the truth then we must dare to stand alone and unsupported, without all, no matter what happens, no matter how scary it is. We need only to remember that the threat is not outside of us, but in our minds, so it is entirely ours and for us to decide how frightening it is.
There is in fact nothing to fear, because when everything is examined, and nothing left out, we see that we are alone in the world, nobody can come into our world and we cannot go anywhere, so we are already, and have always been, alone and unsupported. Although some encourage us, it is still we that have to make a decision and carry it out and not others.

We are the only ones who can decide on all matters concerning us, and not others, and not something outside of us, so long as we are adults and able to take care of ourselves. We cannot find the truth in books or in group meetings or other form of association, no matter what name it is called, whether it is called adventure or scriptures, theology, church, new age movement or else.
The reason we seek the truth outside of us, among other people and all kinds of associations, is fear. We fear standing alone by ourselves, it drives us to attend churches and other organizations, which in turn isolates and separates us from others. It creates, in fact, only separation and discrimination.

Membership, my association and your association, is differentiation and discrimination, both to the association and its members. Pyramid-ranking of power-distribution within all organizations, from the top, the bishop or the chairman, to the lowest, general members at the bottom of the pyramid, and the secrecy and blocked access to some non-governmental organizations, is further differentiation and discrimination, which is dispute and disagreement.

It to belong to organizations can only be a hindrance, as they through, objective and pre-given purpose, promote and maintain the status quo in the world of separation and differences, which their members, consciously or unconsciously, adopt.
It alone, to participate is differentiation and thereby partiality, no matter what the idea behind the organization is.
Membership is actually and directly in the way that we discover the truth.

We become members to create ourselves importance. We want to be something that we then hold tight to, for fear of being nothing.
We put our own importance, it to be something, beyond the truth. It will then inevitably result in fear. So we are tossed back and forth in the world of illusion created by ourselves.

It goes without saying that in order to discover the truth then we cannot decide anything in advance or belong to something. We cannot be something. As soon as we become members of any association and thereby acquire importance, then we have blocked everything else. What we have attributed to us are only ideas, being a member of association is our idea of excellence for ourselves, nothing else, and we cannot find the truth in ideas of all kinds.

Truth is not someone’s idea, it is not hidden in books and can never be differentiation nor discrimination or belong to associations in any form. If so, it would be the privilege of the selected few and at the same time worthless.

Truth is not something that we find. We can read countless books, list us in more associations than we can attend, but no matter how sincerely and earnestly we seek, search is useless.
We cannot find truth. The truth will find us, come to us. Prisoner in chains has an equal opportunity to discover the truth as a free man. Another would be differentiation.

Truth is not within organizations or in books but within each and every one. Hidden in the ocean of illusions, ready to rise and take over when we dare to let go of everything, but to discover it, we have to have the courage to stand alone, without and beyond all, we must dare to be no-thing. The truth cannot be where everything is full of deceptions, all kinds of ideas.

Truth can only be one, unchangeable and eternal, the same at all times for all men and to be able to approach us we have to leave everything, completely, not only theoretically. We have to go all the way.

We must however be careful, intending to leave everything and to maintain that we have left it, is not the same as we have done it.
We can spin a web of delusion, around our fears, for a long time, we are true spin-masters. We never stop and ask what it is to intend and maintain.

To leave the association, its members and our friends, will certainly mean that that we stop to attend meetings, but not to attend meetings is not the same as leaving the association, to believe that is an illusion, which focuses only on the illusion, and gives it thereby increased strength and life.

What gets us to hold tight to everything that we have attributed to us is the ‘me’ that wants to dominate everything and let go of nothing. This is always about the ‘me’, what it wants and desires the most, ‘me’ and the association, ‘me’ and my friends, ‘me’ and the importance, endlessly ‘me’ and something.

When we let go of the association, and everything else that we have collected us, what is then left, what will happen to the ‘me’?
Then, there is nothing left and then disappears the ‘me’ and the ‘me’ fears nothing more than to disappear. That is why it is so difficult to let go of the ideas, all the illusions, we have created us. The ideas are the force that creates the ‘me’, which it connects itself to, and gives it life and importance. That is what the ‘me’ is, idea, nothing else.

It is quite clear that if we do not let go of what we have gathered us, completely, it is because we value it, no matter what it is, above the truth, and we evaluate it above the truth because it gives us importance that tickles our vainglory, our little ‘me’. When the importance, the ‘me’, is above truth then we live in illusion.

When we have emptied ourselves of our content and thus abandoned all, all the organizations, differentiation and discrimination, and all of our wonderful and sometimes crazy ideas, then out of the nowhere, within us, the truth appears.
Then all fear disappears, because then we just are, that we are, truth, effortless and in peace. Then we are peace.

IH, 1991

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