15. LIKE WAVES on the way out

... rolling Waves ...
… rolling waves …

To live in peace, with ourselves and others and everything, is the solution to all human problems.  It is true, for it is incorrect interactions between humans that cause all the conflicts, separation, wars and all the evil in the world.
It is a fact, incorrect communications creates the struggle between people.  No matter how small our world is if we can change our relationship within it then it works like waves on the way out.

We cannot avoid to interact with others, and we would not want to either.  We need each other in so many ways, not least because of how intertwined we are, because we are all one and the same, not only as human beings, but also as life, we are all the same being, we are all the same life.

Yet we are doing so badly to keep the peace, we are in constant struggle and continual and repeated conflicts with each other, about everything, better, worse, money and power.  We divide ourselves into mine and yours and theirs, we create little pieces here and there to argue about and even create wars about.

Why on earth can we not see how unnecessary this is, because it is unnecessary and useless struggle, none of us can win the battle with others, we are one and the same and will not be apart, no matter what we do, no matter if we do not want to have it so, it is still so.  It is just a fact.

We have to see that we are causing all this conflicts and disagreement with wrong communications.  The world is common to all of us, but we have broken it down, into small pieces that we fight about, but no matter how big or small the fragments are, if we can change our relationship and agree on them, it will be like a wave on the way out.

We can see this happening in many parts of communication between us, both good and bad, we have all heard siblings fight, the mother intervene and the father and perhaps other siblings, if any, and have we not heard two parties fight among themselves, a third party come in and, after a while, be drawn into the debate, and perhaps the fourth and fifth, including us?  Each one takes a stand for or against the topic and tries to influence the opposing ideas.
Human communication is certainly like waves on the way out, taking with them everything that gets in their way.
But it also applies to other communication between us and in fact all.  Also the invisible.  Peaceful.

Where conflict arise, there are two or more involved.  Not only the two starting the conflict, but two or more maintaining it.
There is no law that says we have to live in disagreement, though it often seems so.  We are free to end all disputes anywhere and anytime.  We need only to walk away from it.  That is all.

Dispute is war, though in small extent.  The world is common to all of us.  All therein is ours.  Also the conflict.  We create the world as we live.
All conflict in the world is our creation.  And although we see our disputes as inconsequential then apply the principle, every little bit together in one place can rapidly change and become large, and the place is the earth, and the disputes are many and could easily be too much for us.
And since this principle also applies to the peaceful relations then they can easily change and become large if we could gather them in one place.

Communication between us, both positive as negative, are as waves on the way out.  It is then for us to decide whether we want to be swept by waves of conflict or peace.

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