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Who am I?


Sooner or later we will face the question “who am I,” and go in different directions to look for answers.  Some turn to religions, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc. and consequently give themselves to God, in one form or another.  Others turn to theosophy and mysticism and discover meditation and learn that maybe they can approach the almighty with a still mind, so they put on a lot of effort and other activities, to stop the thought and so quiet the mind.
Some rely on science with its ever changing facts, and thus could we find endless ideas to turn to, the possibilities are many and varied.  We do all kinds of strange things in the hope of finding the answer to this question.

Many leave it at that, delusions, in the form of religion, meditation, exercise, and other systems, and ideas, satisfy their needs for importance, so they do not seek any further.
Others find that none of this is useful to them, no matter which path they choose, nothing seems to satisfy their needs.  There is always something missing.
Why, are they not satisfied?  Why does their effort not benefit them?  Why, can they not find what they are looking for?

Excerpt from 39 chapter in the book “The moment is the only reality” read the entire chapter. >

Peace and prayers

BushWhat causes wars?  We know it well.  Do we not?  We might not want to know it, but that does not change the fact, we still know.

We know what causes happiness is the same as what causes hatred. We also know what the solution is, and where it is to be found. But we just do not want to have it that way and at that means we do not want to solve the problem of war.

Why do we not want peace in the world?  Why do we choose wars when peace is available?
This is the topic of chapter 9 in “What am I?”