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We hear nothing

We hear nothing. Not really. We just think we do.  We hear sounds and accept them and make of them what we want to hear, both good and bad.  Whenever we are talking to others, then we are, all the time, creating an image of the person, how he looks, carries himself, talks, etc. and we do it according to the image we create of ourselves, “yes, he is like that, I am completely different,” but the reality is that all this is us.  What we say and what others say, is all created in our heads.  So it is true, what I say, we never hear anything.

But we could do it, we could stop all this thinking, creating and wondering and listen and notice what is happening, but we usually do not bother it, and it would not be possible to find importance in it, for ourselves. So we just keep on hearing nothing. So it just is.