... the people ...

… the people …

We have a lot of wonderful people around us, family members, friends and acquaintances, all kinds of people with all kinds of personalities.  We know these people, perhaps not equally well, but we know them, through personal contact, others ideas about them and of course the astrological signs, which tell us all kinds and everything about others.  Admittedly we choose those we want to associate with carefully, based on what suits us best.  Exception are our children that we accept, no matter what. We are not necessarily happy with them, but we take them such as they are, when we have tried everything to change and improve them, without success, half their genes are, after all, from us.

There is only one drawback, and that a little large and really critical, that really subverts the ideas we have about all these wonderful people.

To live in the moment is to be free of the past and future.  And when we are without the past we know nothing and no one.  All knowledge is stored in our memory and therefore part of the past.
To live and exist in not knowing anything seems to be very difficult for most of us, and sometimes too much.

We often say that one is better than another, this is good and that not.  And we do not seem to hear what we are actually saying.
We do not ask for whom, everyone, always, or perhaps only some, sometimes, and who and why?  We ask nothing.  We only claim.

If we now say the same without a claim ‘this is maybe good or not, depending on where and who and how’ then we are talking about entirely different things.  Are we not?
As soon as we knit ‘I know, thus it is’ to our words, we present a claim which is in fact only our idea of ourselves.
We can never really be sure that one is better than other, because we cannot comment on this other we chose not, and know therefore nothing about.  It is pretty obvious.

Thus it is also with our claims about astrology and the personality descriptions they stand for.  We seem not to see that when we connect each other with the predetermined personality descriptions, we see only the descriptions and not the individuals themselves.  That is all.
The description is always based on an old memory, past experiences, and ideas that are past and prejudices.
The word pre-given means to give something in advance.  Judging in advance.  Pre-given is thus only convenient word for prejudice.

We really do not see how others are, whether they are relatives, friends or others, no matter how close to us they are, and that we do not like.
We feel uncomfortable to not know whom we are talking to, no matter whether he is related to us or stranger, because then we do not have the power that we think we need to have over the others, as a guarantee or security of some kind.  It stirs within us fear so we create an image, an idea, and through it we try to approach the person, it will then be a kind of wall between us.

We do not know those we associate with, not even our children, we are too busy securing ourselves by creating pre-given images of them, so we hear them not and see.
Certainly people appear to us as differed and varied in nature, but the difference is not necessarily between people, but in each person depending on the situation.
This means that each individual possesses all the qualities that we can think of depending on circumstances and it applies to all of us.
We are therefore, in fact, when all is considered, all the same.  We get angry, glad, offended, lie, hide, feel proud and helpless, scared and secure, laugh and cry, depending on circumstances.

There are undoubtedly many factors that determine what is visible in our personality and reactions each time.  Inheritance is not entirely unknown and does undoubtedly play a part.  Our character is recorded in our genes and it is certainly not the position of the stars that have taken care of the registration.
If the position of stars have any effect on the lives of people then surely it must be in some other way and perhaps simpler than modern astrology forecasts.  But we should take care and forget not the doubt.

Modern astrology is clearly laid out with sales in mind.  And the sales are based primarily on our fear of each other.  Phrases like, ‘do you want to know how your loved ones are and how best to treat them’ or ‘why do you have it so difficult now, previous life cards can answer that’.  This and other similar, bear witness to this.
Do we not see how sad this is?

We know in fact not whether the position of a star affects us.  And we should just accept it.

We only need to look at those closest to us here and now, whether it is a spouse, child, parent or colleague.  What do we know about these people, actually, without creating an image?
Nothing.  And that is a fact.
We look at someone and see previous communications, good and evil, everything that we have stored in our memory about this person.  And from that we act.  Nothing else.

We know in fact nothing.  But we rarely question the excellence of our confidence and ask what these individuals are thinking, here and now, at this moment, what stir their minds, how they see and hear, what their small worlds look like or what they are saying.
We do not know.  We know in fact nothing or anyone.  And if we meet all those we interact with, near and far, all the time, with that in mind, then we will see something completely new.  We will see something that has nothing to do with the past and astrology.

Then we receive each incident as soon as it appears and then we let it from us.
Then we live in the moment, which is the only reality.  And it is quite clear that then will those, that we think we know, be born simultaneously before our eyes.  And it is all more than any astrology or other forms of prejudice can predict.

Then we do not see imagined people, family and friends, but the being behind the image.  The truth, raw reality, always.  No other.