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We are prisoners

prisonerIt is true, we are constantly moving further away from our origin, and perhaps we have reached the point of no return.
It is like we cannot accept the fact that we are nature, not only from nature, but nature itself.
Thus we have become prisoners and our own prison guards.  Trapped in cities along with billions of other people, where few control the rest, which are nothing more than slaves of the few.  This is not a fiction, but a fact, reality, and it seems that we are unable to break free, let go of our fears.  It is easier just to give in, even though it is at the expense of so many who are left with nothing, so long as we get enough to survive.  Our slave holders play on out fear of death, our fear of being nothing.   And we fall for it.
And all we need to do is stand firm and say no, not anymore, now we change this injustice.  But we dare not, do we?  We dare not stand up for ourselves, dare not stand together as a whole.  We dare not break down the powerful weapons of the few, even though we know their weapons are just words they use to create conflict, man against man, nation against nation.
It is true, all we have to do is to see that we are in fact all human beings, all one and the same life, no matter the color of our skin, no matter our believes, no matter what.  We are all one and the same life.  Nothing more.
This is the topic of chapter 2.