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Solitude is scary

Solitude is scary


“Solitude is scary”  is the fourth chapter of the book “The moment?” which was first printed and published, in limited edition, 1998. The book was improved and republished in the year 2000, and was converted to eBook in 2012, at the same time were made booklets from selected chapter of the book.

As the title of this section indicates it focuses on being alone, without support, without someone to help if needed, it scares us. But is it scary, what does it entail?  Read more >>




Solitude is scary

loðvíðir 2It is scary to stand alone, to have no one to support us, to encourage and help when needed.
But if we truly desire to discover the truth, then we must dare to stand alone and unsupported, without all, no matter what happens, no matter how scary it is.
It is okay and quite safe to stand alone, because when everything is examined, then we can see that it is exactly what we are, all alone in the world, no one can come into our world and we cannot go anywhere, so we are alone and unsupported, and even though someone tries to encourage us, it is ultimately always we ourselves that have to do what is needed, take a decision and carry it out, and not others.

This is the topic in chapter 5 in the book “The moment” – continue reading>