What is life?

There is no-thing, still there is life, it is the truth and it is we, and so it is for us all, we are no-thing, life, truth.
The question is only what this means? Is no-thing the same as life and the truth, no-thing equals life, equals truth, or are they three separate and different elements or phenomena, no-thing and life and truth?

What is this life we see all around us, in nature, plants, animals and ourselves, in all the world? We are all living beings. Life.
It seems that life is not only all possible forms, but also the basis or the core of all, and at the same time the reason everything exists.

There are nevertheless many people who believe that life is a mere coincidence, a world full of different images and forms and nothing more.
Perhaps it is, but still we do not know so there could be something else and more behind it all.

Can we find out? Can we get past all obstacles, ideas and doubts and know for sure?

If life is more than a coincidence it appears to be intellectual. The complex combination of each individual life and its bundling as a whole indicates that something intellectual is involved, but it is not obvious nor easily understood.

To try to understand what life is, we can view the images around us, animals and plants, but also ourselves, which would probably be the most sensible option, after all we are alive and can view ourselves inside and out.

If we turn our attention to ourselves, we can see that each person is structured of cells that arrange themselves together to form a complex system that we call body.
The structure of the body is generally well known apart from the brain. There is a range of scientific knowledge about it, its physical structure and locations of various activities. It is estimated that we only use a small part of the brain so its possibilities could be far greater than we can imagine at this moment, but from general point of view, we have much to learn about ourselves.

The brain seems to be the main control center of the body. Although each cell has its own internal control and sense, the brain seems to be the organ that other body functions operate from or through.

For the brain to function it must have some base, some kind of innate control, which tells it how to receive information, enter it into the memory and trigger again when needed.
Overall it seems the functioning of the brain is largely unconscious and extremely difficult, if not impossible, and perhaps unnecessary, for us to know to manage. The brain seems to work from itself, use itself.
The functioning of the body, or organs, is apparently without any intervention from our part. The body takes care of itself.

The brain activity that relates to us is clearly through thinking, based on memories, acquired and genetic.
All sensations, whether physical, emotional or mental, seem to be based on thought. The brain takes all stimuli, examines it and defines, gives it a name and forwarded for further processing.

We have probably all seen a child stumble and get up again without showing any reaction, when the child sees it has skinned its knee, it starts to cry, indicating that it is in pain. This reaction is obviously the result of thinking.

All this thinking process happens at such a tremendous speed that we do not notice it. This seems to be unintended and unavoidable process that controls all our behavior.
But need it be so? The only apparent reason that we are controlled by this brain activity, is if we are it, without necessarily realizing it.

Who are we? What is this ‘me’ we see everywhere? The ‘me’ is clearly the center of our existence.
We can easily see that the ‘me’ is constantly involved in the thought processes of the brain. We get all kinds of stimuli in life, the brain takes each stimulus, examines it and defines, based on other similar stimuli, stored in its memory, the stimulus will then be positive, negative or neutral depending on the circumstances and past experiences.
The brain sends the results to the ‘me’ that responds immediately by searching the brain’s memory for more detailed information about the stimulus, so it can make an informed decision about what its responses should be. The responses need not be consistent with the stimulus, and rarely are, because the ideas of the ‘me’ about the situation, are in fact the force that controls its responses and not the stimulus itself.
This whole process is one continuous thinking that takes place within the brain so it is clear that there is no distinction between the ‘me’ and the brain, and it applies to everything the brain creates.

But is it only occasionally and in special cases this thinking process occurs or is it always the case?
If we look at our history from birth to the present day, sincerely and without modification, we should be able to see that the ‘me’ is actually created by the brain by thinking.

Various issues give us knowledge, which we call experience. We store this knowledge in the memory of the brain along with the knowledge that we gather ourselves with memorized-learning, we use this material then to create images of each other and ourselves, and all that we face.
The ‘me’ is in fact an image, created by the brain, from memories. On this image is then based all our existence.

It is not surprising the brain does thus, all our upbringing aims to it, apparent and hidden.
Certain behavior, thoughts and reactions are not considered desirable in society, our environment and ourselves, so to free itself of all responsibility the brain creates an imagined ‘me’ to blame for everything that goes wrong.
The brain goes further in some cases, especially when the responses and existence become too much for the ‘me’, then it invents and creates some sort of almighty or God to take part of the responsibility.

We all know this and argue sometimes, that some things do not happen by accident or as a result of something else, but are meant to happen, as a lesson from God.

Are we then only many separate ‘me’, uncontrolled brain activity, structured from knowledge, experiences and memorized-learning?
If so, we are very limited because it is much more that we have never tried and learned than the other.

It may well be that everything has been created by coincidence, the movement of the planets, the location of the earth in the movement and the circumstances of the earth that gave the possibility of life arose. Life, which with a long development has become as we now know it, but there are many coincidences involved and it does not explain why.

What is the cause of all this activity takes place, whether it is a coincidence or not? What causes that we are alive?

We know what happens at the physical death, “of earth thou art, and unto earth shalt thou return” and all that. The body changes form, dissolves and becomes soil.
It therefore goes without saying that when the brain stops working, dies, disappears all thought and where there is no thought there is no ‘me’.

The brain seems unable to operate outside the conventional methods, so we have to stay within what we know.
We can read about the matter, books written by those who have already faced these questions and so we can develop a different kind of information than we previously have earned us.

The brain will still take this information, arrange it and install in the memory for later use.
Through it we can perhaps experience something new and unknown, whether emotional, mental or subjective, and in accordance to the abilities, skills and experiences of the brain.
It may also be that part of the information we collect us in this quest, has a match in the brain, something that the brain has received through inheritance, but it changes in itself nothing, because we are still within the limited activity of the brain and all new only addition to the existing content.

We have so far been within the subject area and then moved into the realm of the spirit, through religion, mysticism, theosophy and other. We have provided us books on the subject and tried to think it ourselves, but we are nonetheless within the brain.
We are still thinking and the base of our thoughts is the ‘me’. It is the ‘me’ which is engaged in meditation and plans to survive the bodily death, and mature in this life and be reborn and add to the maturity. The ‘me’ possesses in fact everything we do, think, see, hear and say, so long as it can benefit from it.

Is it possible that everything concerning the ‘me’ is inherited? If so, our descendants are not enviable, because we are constantly adding new ideas to the collection.

Someday the brain will die, it is quite certain, and as the ‘me’ is created by the brain it will also die.
It is obvious that we are deluded, if theology and mysticism are based on the ‘me’, as indeed all other religion, then they are useless. We are only adding to the illusion. We have to find another way.

Up to now, we have been collecting to us, would it not be another way to pick from the collection and tear down what we have created and thus leave it all?
If we peel everything of us, layer by layer, then we must sooner or later come to the core, if any, and if not then to nothing.

If we get past all deceptions, thoughts and ideas, then what? When everything is gone, are we then clear awareness, without all? Is without all the same as the no-thing? Contains no-thing everything? It, to be no-thing is it not only? But is it we?
If it is, we are not many separated fragments but a single unit, because if it is one it is another, and they one and the same, and then it must apply to all.

It, which is only itself, is a perfect unit. When we look at ourselves and the world we live in, it is obvious that we are out of touch with it.

It seems that the brain has taken first place by separating itself, first from itself and then from life, there is thought, there is ‘me’, there is life.
It also seems that we cannot see ourselves as a whole and thus see that all our struggle is really the struggle of the ‘me’ with itself.

Everything is unified, everything is one; it means that our descendants and ancestors are we, life itself, the same at all times for all men, for everything.

We cannot create something around the life and believe that it is real, life is not something, only ‘it’ that maintains itself by appearing in various forms, and the body a tool created by this same life, to appear in, to use for its own benefit.
It means that at this moment, we are what we always have been and where we always have been. Upon the death of the body we go nowhere, because life continues to be here and now and forever, no matter what.

Life is the truth and one and the same in all, because the truth can only be one, unchangeable, unshakeable and eternal, the same for all at all times. As soon as there is a change it is no longer true and that which is no longer was never, we only thought it to be, and the truth can never be what we think, our thoughts and ideas.

The truth, which is life, is we in all respects, both the device, the body, and not the device. All struggle is the result of the differentiation of the brain, from itself and everything else.
The solution is to get rid of the differentiation, and see the reality behind it, as the child that did not feel the pain until it saw the wound.

Where do all these words come from, are they perhaps illusion, restricted thinking, from the amazing device, brain, or is life using the device to its advance?
If we say it is so and no different, then we rule out the possibility that it might be different. Is it not the same as saying that we cannot know for sure?

IH, 1989

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