3. THE PURPOSE OF LIFE, great spirits and mini gods

Purpose is an idea we have created for our own glory.  The idea of a purpose gives us joy and tickles our vanity.  We want a purpose, require it.  We cannot imagine life without a purpose.  Perhaps not everyone, but most people do.  Most of us want life to have some purpose, because it gives us importance and the greater the purpose the greater is our glory.

But life has no purpose other than to exist, that is all.  And even though we know it, we do not let it bother us, or stop us from wanting a purpose; we just create it for ourselves.  We create all sorts of things with which we decorate ourselves and we call it purpose.  We decide we were born with the purpose to work for the disadvantaged, to achieve all kinds of wonderful things, to save the world.  We are Gods favourite, the ones he trusts to do these things that we have decided for ourselves.
And to crown it all, we create spirits and mini-gods to enhance the glory of our importance.
We are strange creatures, with all these ideas about our own excellence.

Many believe there are people who are free from the wheel of incarnation, but are nevertheless reborn, to teach us, who are stuck in karma and endless re-births, all about the truth and life, as well as to work for all those who are less fortunate than they themselves are.  They are often said to be filled with great spirits.

I have no grounds to doubt this.  All I know about people who have nothing more to learn is what can be read in the Bible, Luke, 6.40, “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.”  And I wondered what it all meant in modern society.
We tend to give those, we feel stand above us in some way, characteristic and names that have nothing to do with reality.

What is it that causes us to believe all kinds of nonsense?

Sure it is a handy excuse for us, who are not able to do what it takes to achieve self-knowledge, to point at those who we feel have done so, and create around them imaginary spirits.  It is a simple self-defence.  But it is not in harmony with the facts we face.

There is no reason to speak ill of those who have made charity their lives work.  To contribute to aid the disadvantaged is certainly need work.
But is it any different from taking care of one’s children, providing for the home, so every family member, young and old, can live in safety?  Or by going daily visits to elderly people, who are alone, and read for them, talk to them or run errands for them, silently and without anyone noticing?  What is the difference?
Is the difference perhaps fame?  Is it enough to be famous to be considered a saint or filled with great spirits?

What have these people done that is so spectacular?  Some have taken on dying people, who have neither shelter nor warmth and they have tried to nurture them as well as they can.  In some cases their work has expanded and added children’s home for orphaned children and perhaps other activities.  But what problems has it solved?

Certainly it is beneficial for those who enjoy.  There is no need to belittle that.  But is it the only solution these great spirits can find, shelter for few chosen ones?
What about all those who live far from such assistance?  What about all the homeless people in New York, or anywhere else in the world?  What about all the children in Brazil, who have no other shelter than the streets and dumps and are constantly exposed to abuse?  Where are all the spirits for these people?
What problems have all aid activities solved other than what relates to few individuals?  Are there perhaps no poor and unfortunate people left? Is it not a fact that poverty, diseases, orphans and other human disasters are still with us and in no less degree than before? If great spirits truly exist, why do they not tell us how to solve all our problems permanently?  What use have we of spirits that cannot tell us what to do and how?

Is it not time we look at ourselves and see if the solution lies not in us?  It is after all we who create the problems.  They truly are the creation of our limited thoughts and the only thing that can help us to rid us of our limitation is self-knowledge.
Certainly it will not happen simultaneously for us all and we will need people’s help for a long time still.  But is there any reason to make them into something they are not.
The idea of people being filled with great spirits, or mini-gods, is in no harmony with the reality around us.

If the world is to be free from all sorrow we have to free it ourselves.  And we have nothing to give except ourselves.  One can only change one self.
Is it not obvious that evil comes with deception?  We cannot distinguish between what is and what is not while we are filled with both.  It would be like putting coffee and tea in the same cup and expect that we can see which is which.  It cannot be done, no matter what we try.
The only solution is to peel off, recognize, acknowledge and let go of everything we have gathered, until there is nothing left.  Then, and only then, can we find out the truth.

We are all born into the same life.  It is the same in all.  Life is the truth and the truth is we.  We need only to be aware of it and for that we must dare to leave everything.
Is it not worth it?

The only work we can perform in favour of life, the only purpose worth having, is self-knowledge.

To be.  That is all.