Respect, endless respect for everything, for nothing.  I feel we sometimes lose ourselves in all these ideas, we create around our existence; it is like we do not see how much of this is simply wrong and often harmful.
We are to respect those who are older, our parents, others assets, and all kinds of nothing, rarely ourselves and certainly not everyone.  This is part of upbringing, past and present.
But what is respect?  Is it an idea and if so what lies behind the idea?

We know that where there is equality there is no need for respect and disrespect.  And that means respect as evaluation of good and bad, larger and smaller, to think highly of, honor and respect, versus belittle, disrespect and despise.
When we are equal, we are not better or worse than others and therefore look not up or down to anyone.
Respect thrives only in the shelter of importance in comparison with unimportance.  We value one above another.

Thus it is also with self-respect, it is the evaluation of our own worth, and not only in comparison with others, but also how we are right now, compared to what we once were and could possibly become.
If we so value us low then our self-respect is such.  If we however value us highly then we see ourselves as respectable.

High and low estimates needs not be consistent with reality.  And it never is.  We can easily evaluate both ourselves and others with great unfairness as well as fairness.  And either way, out of proportion with reality.

To evaluate others, low or high, is in itself unreasonable.
We value respect a lot and think it an indispensable part of our existence.  At the same time we look past the fact that respect is actually fear.  And it does not matter what the fear and how it came about, whether great or small, directed to us or from us.

As soon as we see someone worthy of respect, we see ourselves as less worthy and it is underestimation, which often appears as inferiority complex, which is fear.
Similarly, when we see others as less valuable than ourselves, we see ourselves as more and better than the other and it is overvaluation of ourselves, which often appear as egomania, which also is fear.
And it has no meaning to say that when we evaluate others, high or low, then it has nothing to do with our evaluation of ourselves, because it would not be true, it has everything to do with our evaluation of ourselves, because otherwise we would evaluate others equal ourselves.
If we do not see ourselves as more or less as others, and look neither up nor down on others, we do not need to show respect or accept respect of others.

That alone to believe that one is inferior or superior to others, is fear.
When we were secure and confident in ourselves, then we have no need to compare ourselves to others, we were just ourselves and it would be enough.  So, all of this process is fear, and nothing else.

That leaves the question what should we do with it, will we maintain the status quo, or will we let go of our ideas of importance and thus create around us equality and peace?

It is ours to decide whether we choose to hold on to respect, which is fear, or promote equality for all, which is peace. It is our choice, for us.  Nothing more.