We are full of ideas about ourselves and others, appearances, behavior, characteristics, skills, pros and cons, all we can think of about ourselves and others.  We claim we know ourselves, and we can see how others are, so we know them to.  And there is no doubt in our mind, this is how we and they are, this is how everything is.
Still we are always coming across the fact that this is not how we are, and others are sometimes different from what we thought, no matter how sure we were.
We know very well that we cannot decide, once and for all, how everything is.  But we are unstoppable, with the ideas constantly running, creating all kinds of images, nonstop and to harm for us all.

Now I have two options, I can say, “I do not exist as an image, and neither do you” or I can say, “I am an image created by you, for you to use.”
Both are true and valid, because the fact of the matter is that I am not an image, and neither are you, but at the same time we see each other only as images.
So the fact remains, I do not exist as an image, and neither do you.  Even though I and others have created many and varied images of me, and we are constantly creating more, I am not these images, because they are not real.  The images you think I am are only ideas, created by you and for you to use, and believe me, if you do not like what you see; it is your problem and has nothing to do with me.
These words may sound strange and many people will deny and dismiss them.  But that does not change the fact that we see everyone we know and do not know as images, which we have created for us to use.  And it does not matter who it is or how well we think we know the person.

We do not need to look beyond ourselves to see that we are not the same in the eyes of our spouse, children, parents and others.  Each creates an image of us, from and for himself.
We are constantly looking and pointing at each other and judging, “he is like this and she is like that.”  That is creating an image and it has nothing to do with reality.

What happens is this, we take the words and actions of others and search in our memory for similar stimuli, we then name good or bad, according to our ideas.  At the same time we create images of the ones who owned the words and actions and suddenly they become boring, funny, good or bad, depending on our opinion.

Sometimes we create the images such that we feel we need to criticize the one we created it from, cold and argue with him, and change him in some way.
It is of course not possible, because the flaws that we see in others are our own.  They are created and named based on our memory, according to our knowledge; from the experiences we have gathered us through various events and books.
So if something needs to be corrected and improved then we have to view ourselves, because as we created the image in our mind, we also have to change it in our mind.

This means that others ideas about us have nothing to do with us and are therefore not our business.  We cannot live our lives according to what others say or think of us.
Not only because what others are trying to influence, is not to be found in us, but themselves, since this is their creation, but also because what we hear them say is, at the same time, our ideas about them.
We must live our lives based on and consistent to ourselves.  And stand alone and unsupported, always consistent to ourselves, no matter what others say and think.

It would though be better if we stopped entirely to create images of everyone and everything, simply because it only creates endless problems for us.  It not only prevents us from seeing each other as we are, but the communication between us is none.
Instead of seeing and hearing what is said, we look at the image we have created of another, discuss with the image we have of ourselves, and we are so busy thinking about what is going on between them, rejoicing, angering, denying or approving, that we do not hear or see what goes on.
We must all realize that this lack of communication is causing all kinds of conflicts and other problems.

To stop the creation of images, we must let go of the image me and see ourselves for what we are.
We have to let go of all our knowledge and ideas, until there is nothing left, and not collect additional knowledge and ideas to what we already have.
When everything is gone, we face reality, the truth, which is life and us.  And where there is truth, there are no images.

Then we communicate with each other, because then we see and hear what is really going on, then we see reality and not what we want or think should be. The only reality is we ourselves, and what we face each moment.  Everything else is an image.