Everything that relates to us is recorded in our brain, no matter the nature or substance of it.  We list all experience, consciously or unconsciously, in our memory to trigger again and use as needed.

There are, for obvious reasons, incidents in our memory that we cannot trigger at will.  What we experienced before we learned to speak, and thereby give it name, was registered in the memory without words.  What is stored in our memory without words cannot be evoke again with words.
It comes, however, occasionally and unintentionally, to the surface, but since we do not know it again, we give it the name strange, mysterious or supernatural.

From and through all our memories, we have built up a complete image of ourselves, which we call me.
Everything we experience, we receive through and from our memory.  We never accept anything as new, we see it always compared to something old.
The me is really just an old memory.  Nothing more.

On this we base our whole being.  All disagreement and confusion in our lives should not surprise us, it is a direct result of our imagination; the images we create and call me.  If we want peace then the me must disappear.
The me consists of all the information we store in the brain and we need to let go of all this information, all our knowledge, for the me to disappear, die.  The brain must experience death, though the human being certainly still exists.  In other words, the brain has to empty itself of its contents.

When we die then starts a specific activity.  Great energy is released and our mind becomes very clear.  Then the brain empties itself of its contents, and while it is happening then we feel like we relive our lifetime.  All kinds of events, good and bad, appear before our eyes, or rather in our mind.  So we re-live parts of our lives, from the day we were born until now that we leave it.
But one thing is changed, this time we are not participants but only neutral audience and as such we see our lives differently.
What originally was listed in the memory without words, and sometimes showed itself as something strange or mysterious, is now understandable and ordinary.  Old conflicts are resolved and what we would rather not remember and know about ourselves, we now see as a minor issue.  It is almost unbelievable that all this has caused us so much difficulties, whether it was targeted at ourselves or others.
When the memories are gone then we experience a journey through narrow tunnel and out into a bright light, where beautiful beings, usually dressed in white, welcome us.  This experience was originally registered in our memory without words, but later we gave it the name birth.  This is the first experience we listed in the brain that now disappears.
When all this is completed, then are our lives completed, we are not anymore.  We are free from the shackles of the body and all its ideas and problems.  We are, in other words, dead.
Blessed is the hour when we are free from the suffering of this world.

We do not need to wait that everything is completed and we not able to turn back, for this to happen.
We can die the me, our ideas and memories, here and now.  The brain can empty itself of its contents.
It happens when we let go of all our assets, everything we have collected us, whether it belongs to the body or spirit.  And that means leaving everything, completely, for real, in practice, not only in theory, on the surface.  We have to leave everything, including what we consider necessary, not just some things, what we think we can do without.  We must dare to die.

It is fear of death that prevents that we let go of the sufferings of this world.
We are afraid of losing, leaving and dying, we are afraid of being nothing. Otherwise, we would let go.

Something in us says ‘I cannot let go of it all, I might die or disappear completely.  What if the body cannot handle the pressure and I do not come back?  And even worse, what if I come back, but the brain is empty, dead, and I just sit there disabled?  I do not want to lose.  I do not want to die’.

We cannot be sure what happens when we let go of everything nor what happens when and if we come back.  No matter what others have experienced and tell us, we can never be sure unless we try it ourselves.
We cannot get proof for anything in advance, or be sure if something will change and how.  So instead of discovering it ourselves and for sure we keep the status quo.

We dare not to let anything from us, only add to what we already have.  We need only look at ourselves, here and now, in our daily routine, we have our churches, material things, principles, religion, God, with associated training systems, diets and other habits that control all of our existence.
We practice and assets this to gain a better life, longer life, health, security.  And even though we see the limitations of it all, and the conflict it creates, then we still do everything possible to maintain it.  We dare not let go.  We fear death.

We dare not lose, do not dare to leave everything and die.  Because we cannot know in advance what happens if we leave everything, abandon the religion, our assets and principles and God.  We could experience terrible suffering, we could lose our importance, become ill and die.
Perhaps there is someone out there who will punish us.  Someone eager to take revenge on us, God who demands power over our existence and makes us suffers if do not obey.  Like our loved ones and society have always done.  So just in case, though we know nothing, we keep the status quo.  We dare not let go. We fear we will die.
Yet the question is not about what might happen.  But only our ideas about what could happen and it is always based on old memories.
Fear of death is an old memory.  Nothing more.

If we feared not death, then we would not practice nor coveted material goods and religion, with all that entails, because then there would be no need for it.  He, who fears nothing needs and coveted nothing.

When we dare to let go of all, it will all disappear.  Also fear.
Then we wish not for health rather than disease, happiness rather than grief and good rather than evil.  Then we do not need to change what is, because then we know the value of our own thoughts and memories.  Then we only are, without conflict.

This is not something we can acquire, practice or learn.  It is only something that we do.  We leave the memories, all knowledge, let it flow through, look at it and let go of it.  That is all.

When everything is gone then we face the truth, reality.
We cannot know it while it lasts.  Because knowing is thinking and when the brain has emptied itself of its contents, then there is no thought.  There is silence, absolute stillness, like nothing, peace.
There is nothing, still there is life.  That is the truth and that is us.