Prehistory 1 – THE RED CHALICE

The year is 1988

I woke up, opened my eyes and stared into the darkness. Something had attracted my attention (awakened me, waken me, woke me).  I felt like someone was in the bedroom but I saw nothing nor heard. It was still dark night. Everything was still and silent.
Suddenly I saw hands come out of the darkness and towards me. They carried a red chalice.  The hands were very visible, like there was a light shining around them, while the owner was completely invisible in the dark.

“What is this? I asked surprised.”
“This is from your God, replied a man’s voice,” it was a deep, strong and beautiful voice.
I watched surprised as the hands came closer.  And however strange it may seem I was not afraid.  When the hands had reached me I lifted my head and tried to look into the chalice.  There was something moving in it, seemed to be some kind of smoke or steam or something similar.  Before I could identify what it was, the hands had put the chalice into my body.
When the chalice was inside my body the hands disappeared.  I still felt I was not alone.

Powerful energy suddenly began to stream through my body. I felt the force coming from the chalice in the middle of the body and circulate throughout the body.  From its center and out to every corner and depth, in some sort of cycle.  This caused great euphoria.
The force increased until it reached some sort of peak then it declined gradually until it was gone. “There is a lot of energy that fits in such a small chalice” I said when the energy flow had slowed down completely.

I had barely missed the words out of my mouth when the energy started to flow again through the body. And as before increasing the force until it had peaked and then subsided back.
The energy was just gone for the second time when it began to circulate again. I lay quite still and said nothing. I felt wonderful.

When the energy flow had streamed three times through my body everything disappeared.  I lay in my bed and stared out into the darkness.  I saw nothing and felt no longer any presence.

I have no idea what this was, but it did not hurt me, but was very pleasant and left a good feeling inside of me.
And since I did not know what it was, I thought no more about it.