Content – What am I?

Table of contents for “What am I?”
Pre history 1: The red chalice
Prehistory 2: I am a slave …
Introduction: The Creator is you …
1 What is life?
2 We are prisoners
3 The purpose of life, great spirits and mini gods
4 Out of body experience
5 The soul
6 The truth
7 Problems
8 Compassion and caring for the welfare of others
9 Peace and prayer
10 The question is the answer
11 Meditation. reason and result
12 Astrology, fact or fiction
13 Self-knowledge
14 Faith, our ideas and conclusion
15 Desires, are everlasting troubles
16 We are thought
17 Pure mind
18 Aage and wisdom, is old age wisdom?
19 Teaching the truth
20 We are mortal, we will all die
21 Love thy neighbor
22 Understanding
23 Thus we reject the creator
24 We are not fractions of the creator
25 I am an image
26 Friends and family
27 Man ais a mirror of man
28 Opinions
29 Forgiveness
30 No evil, no good
31 Force by rejection
32 By judging others we judge ourselves
33 Why is it not enough to be

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