... the way home ...

… the way home …

They say that the mortal sins are seven and one of them is greed.
We do not assume that we have these sins, just others, we are usually honest and fair and sensible and everything else that is needed to be good people.  Right?

Now I know nothing about sin other than how to spell it, and that in itself is quite enough for me.  I do not have any faith or religion and need not accept this inheritance from the past.
The other is a different matter, for it to be honest, just, and all the rest, is in my mind quite natural and sensible thing to do, if that is the way we are and want to be.

But more often than not, it seems that we do not have to be just and true, those who allow greed to take over their lives, seem to have a better life and enjoy great respect and privileges and the more the greed the greater the honor.
And nothing stops them, as they do not have to take into account anything except their own greed.

Greed is diverse, directed in all directions and not just money, but money is a feasible access to various others, such as the power to manipulate the environment and circumstances.
Many billionaires use the money to provide power and acquire more and manipulate their environment and the lives of other people.  Therefore, they have never too much and never enough.  The more money, the more power.
Well that is not surprising, is it?  We all knew this.  It is not all about the greed for more money, but also greed for power.  We may not like it, but we knew it anyway.

I saw a television show about some psychiatrists and brain specialists, doing research on serial killers and other murderers, to find the cause of psychopathy.  They found many and remarkable things in their study, one of which was, that most CEOs, and others, with super salaries are almost always psychopathic.  It implies a diminished capacity for empathy or remorse.  They have no real sympathy or regret for their actions and they just walk all over the next person if they consider it necessary.
And yes, they found out that psychopathy is a combination of genes, deformation of the brain and upbringing.  The reason that some were CEOs and not murderers was due to upbringing, if they had lived in a violent environment and been abused they would probably have become murderers.

I do not know if there are sins, and I do not know if greed is anything other than inner drive, primary urge, which can be found in all of us.  I have noticed that the more often we do something, the easier it will be and then we tend to go over the line, because we stop to see the line or boundary.
It can be observed all over where people are, when working in image processing, when eating, in bodybuilding and in greed. It is like we lose control and end with going over the line.  Too much ceases to exist.

But still, in the television show it was a fact that psychopaths do not know they are psychopathic, so of course they cannot do anything about it.  It is still possible to teach psychopaths what compassion is and how and when it appears so they can show fake sympathy.  But psychopaths usually have no interest in changing themselves.

There is still something called too much.  And we should not have to argue about what is too much and what is too little.  A person who has a monthly salary, the same amount as the laborer receives in his lifetime, gets too much, and even though he only receive the worker’s annual earnings then it is still too much.  Anyone who cannot feed and clothe himself and his family gets too little.

But this applies not only on the outside but also within ourselves.  It is a fact, if we take too much on our shoulders the consequences will appear in the body’s musculoskeletal and we become ill.

We know that too much money spent on war will lead to shortage in other areas.  Many famines have been created for those reasons.
We also know that all of our rescue efforts to improve the situation have failed.  Otherwise the problem would have been solved.  But reality shows us that it is not.

We should then also be able to accept that so it is also with us.  My greed is what causes your hunger.  And there are many willing to profit from the hunger of others.

We can close our eyes for our responsibility and behavior, but it does not change the fact that it is all there, the responsibility and the consequences.  We may not have to face the consequences ourselves but they are there.
When something, one or more, is dominant within, in our body or minds, or in the outer world, the world around us, it is always at the expense of something or someone else.  And no matter what methods we use to smooth the imbalance it is doomed to fail.

Perhaps we can accept this as true in theory.  But how real is this to us in real life?

We must know that humanity is not many small parts but one.  Like the body cells appear to be many small parts, individual cells, until they are arranged together to form a human being.
We are actually all one and the same being.  We are whole, everybody, one and the same, and there is room for everyone and enough for everyone.  But when one or more take too much for themselves, it is always at the expense of something or someone else.  This could be something within ourselves or it could occur elsewhere.  But it always comes out somewhere, in us or in our double.

It is true, we do have a double somewhere, and maybe in many places, if only a reflection of us, and not only a fellow in the famine areas of the world, a little baby dying of starvation, or homeless person in a big city, nor a millionaire in his palace, another we, we are after all one and the same life, but we ourselves, our inner man and outer.

It is a fact, if and when we take too much of the cake, the double gets too little and when too much is on the outside there is too little within.  It is inevitable.
It is very easy to create images in our minds of a fat person, we know eats too much, beside an image of a malnourished individual in the famine area, or huge bank account somewhere compared to the poverty of another, or a fashion girls beside bag ladies in a big city.
We even know someone who is some of this and even it all.

It is always easier to see the wealth and poverty of others.  It is not as easy to see that this is also true about us.  These other people are in fact we.  This is in fact all of us, our own too much at the expense of our own too little.  And no matter how we try to deny ourselves, deep down we know this is how we are.  Denying it is only an illusion.

Certainly we do not all seem to be the same.  But whether we seem to be too much here and too little there does not matter.  Too little is really no better than too much.  And no matter what we do we can never get around the fact that this is how we are, too much and too little.

This is not about blaming the rich for their wealth or the poor for their poverty, but the collective responsibility of all of us towards all of us.  We are in this together.  We create the world together and should make the world equal to all.

Life requires balance and it does everything it can to create it, but we are so out of touch, so trapped in the world of illusion, that we cannot see that we are this life, and it requires us to create balance, and those who are greedy will not participate, they will not give away, because they see no too much and know nothing too little.  They live in a closed world of delusion and while starves the world.

If we now stop denying reality and rush into some sort of rescue, the poor to fight for more and the rich to give some of theirs back, or too much to fix too little in ourselves, would be no solution.  The only solution is neither too much nor too little, neither one nor another.  Nothing that contains everything.  A little of each.  Of all.  For each and every one.  Nothing left off.  First within and then out.  Balance in all our existence.

We must know that humanity is not many small parts but one.  We are actually all one and the same being.
While it is certainly a worthy project to see if our actions cause problems for others or contribute in other ways to imbalance.  It would perhaps be worthwhile to turn to ourselves.

We may know that our reflection, our double, is not only a fellow out there somewhere, but we ourselves, our inner man and outer.
Our greed, no matter in what form it appears is always at our expense, something else in ourselves.
When too much is on the outside there is too little within.  When fortune, no matter what name it is called, will be too much on one level then it will be too little in other.  It is inevitable.

We should try to see this, not with others but ourselves.  We should not look at our fellow man and judge him too harshly, except in order to see our own judgment.  Let others of theirs and turn to our own.  We have quite enough to deal with.

We should still avoid judging ourselves good or evil.  Let us just examine our existence and see ourselves as we are.  Not like we want to be, or think we should be.  But just to see how we are and nothing else.  Neither good nor evil.  Just as we are.
But it is very unlikely to happen, at least not in the near future.  Right?

But when it happens and when everything is viewed then disappears everything by itself.  And when there is nothing, there is truth.  It can never be too much or too little.  It is always perfect balance.
And when balance prevails within, there is also balance outside, in the world.  It is inevitable.  Balance from within and out.