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An eye for an eye

... when a man kills a man ...

… when a man kills a man …

If someone kills our spouse
we kill him.
If someone beats our spouse
we beat him.
If someone steals from our spouse
we steal from him.
If someone loves our spouse
we love him.

The more innocent it is and the closer we get to love the more absurd it becomes. Why do we murder the murderer, with rope, electricity or poison? Why do we beat those who are violent and steal from the thief, or punish them in other ways?  Why do we love the one that loves our spouse, no, we do not necessarily, we exclude love. This is pretty much the way we are, we turn everything upside down, stretch it and pull, modify it according to our own ideas, according to the weather and winds, repeatedly and endlessly.  Continue reading >

The search for ourselves

... worm ...

… worm …

When we start the search for ourselves, it is not always and necessarily the truth that we seek.  Sometimes we are only trying to position ourselves in life, looking for something to do, so to speak, and then it suits us just fine to live in illusion.
It is well understandable, after all we are very confused and scared of the environment and the situation that we have created ourselves, but first and foremost of ourselves.  Too have enough to do, gives us not only importance, but also helps us to look pass ourselves.  We are too busy to stop and see who and how we really are and then is living in illusion decent solution.

We do not want to know who, what and how we are, we fear it and we fear it because in practice we know it, deep down, we know it all.
Continue to read if you want to know more >

Good enough

... all kinds of flowers ...

… all kinds of flowers …

If anything can make us better people then it means that we are not good enough as we are.
How is good enough? Who knows what is good enough and what not?
The truth does not make us better people. It leave us naked. Exactly as we are. Neither better or worse. Only thus, as we are. Nothing more.

We are all there is

... blowin' in the wind ...

… blowin’ in the wind …

We are like dots that everything is directed from.  We see from us and not to us.
When we look in the mirror it is our reflection that we see.  And even though it is we and we it, it is at the same time not ourselves, or at least skewed.

We are the point that creates the reflection.  Try to stand in front of a mirror, raise your right hand and see yourself, are you raising the right hand in the mirror or the left.

We are images, ideas, created by us, about us and for ourselves.
We are not the same in all minds.  Each one creates an image of us in his mind.  If the image was of us then it would be the same in everyone’s mind.  But it is not. Continue reading


... clouds in the sky ...

… clouds in the sky …

We can never know love, know how it is or define it.  Love can only be in nothing.

Once we have denied the world, not that we have given the name the world, but our own little worlds, the ones we live in, the family that we consider ourselves bound by, friends, parenting, careers, importance, hope, guilt, obedience, all our ideas and assets, when there is nothing left and everything is gone, whether we give it the name good or bad, also our desire and search for love, then out of nowhere comes love.


Who am I?

... the road home ...

… the road home …

We often hear talk of many ways to the truth, that the ways are many and they all lead to the same point.  This is not so, there is no way to truth, we cannot get to the truth, the truth can arise within us and it happens when we let go of everything.

There is no reward for leaving everything.  No prize.  We do not become something.  Enlightened.  We will not acquire something.  God.  To leave everything is nothing more than what the words say; when everything is gone there is nothing left.  That is the truth, that is life and that we are.  That is all.

But at the same time we must know that being nothing is absolute freedom.  He who has nothing has nothing to lose, neither assets nor importance, material or spiritual.  So he has nothing to fear.  And he who has nothing to fear is at peace with himself and at the same time all men and everything.  Being nothing is peace.   continue reading>