6. THOSE WHO WENT BEFORE US, left us the signs

Perhaps we do not like it, and perhaps we would prefer that it was somehow different, but no matter what we like, desire, and think we know, the fact remains that we live in the world of delusion that we ourselves have created, around our existence, and it seems we do not realize it.
But it is not necessary to continue to create and maintain all the previous generations handed us, we can change and improve the world; we may lay down the arms and wars, famine, greed and other ill will.  The world is for us to create.  We create the world in our own image.

Nothing and no one can force us to maintain the illusion, except perhaps ourselves, our greed for power and the desire for money.  But it is then our choice, our desires and not previous generations or others.
Certainly it would be convenient to point to the next person, or our circumstances, or just the whole world, and say, he, she or it stands in the way, they require this of us.  But it would not be true.  To say such a thing would be only the continuation of the delusion, self-defense of the me, to maintain and strengthen itself.

Our ancestors handed us the arms, wars and other ill will, but they also handed us the knowledge and the way to truth.  Those who had discovered the reality of the me, tried to tell us about it and guide us, by leaving signs and things for us to find and use.  We can see it all over the world, in old writings and ancient manuscripts, buildings and works of art, objects that have been hidden in caves and elsewhere.
But that is all they could do, leave behind the symbols and signs for us to find and follow.  We must then accept the inheritance, and do what it needed, take the final step to the truth.
Why dare we not let anything from us, all ideas and delusions? Because we dare it clearly not.

Perhaps we do not know, in the beginning, what options we have, what we should do and how, but when we do, we still do not dare to let go and leave everything.
The first thing we think of, when we are faced with letting go of something, is “what should I do and what do I get in return?”  And it does not matter what name we have given what we need to let go, whether it is religion, titles, money or something else.
We do not want to let go of anything without getting something in return.

Life, or to live, is always connected to something else, me and my spouse, me and my children, me and my faith, me and my life, me and everything else, endless me and something.  We seem to think that there is no life, except in relation to something.  Or do we perhaps know it; is something in us that knows?

Death, or dying, is the end of everything.  When we die, we lose everything we are and have collected us.  That is why death is so scary in our minds.  What happens to the me if it can no longer relate to anything?  Then it disappears.  Does it not?  Then it no longer exist.  That is why we do not let anything from us, the me is the force that controls our lives.

If we desire to free ourselves from the power of delusion, we must dare to let go of the me, or die the me.
We must dare to stand alone and see the reality of the me, see and understand all through, how it came into being, how we have gradually built it up from our experiences and learning.
And we can only see it and understand, by peeling off us all that we have collected and claimed us.  We have to abandon everything.  For the me is in fact a collection of all that we have gathered us.  That is the reality of it.

Others can tell us what we need to do, and those who went before us did, in many ways, but we must be the ones who do it, for us.

When everything is gone, what is left?  Nothing.
It is true, when everything is gone there is no me, no mine, nothing the me can relate to.  There is nothing and that we fear more than anything else.  So we dare not die the me.  And then have words like “there was nothing, still there was life, it is truth and that we are” no value, because we cannot know it unless we discover it ourselves.  We must do it ourselves.  There is no one out there to do it for us.

Those who have seen the reality of the me have tried to tell us.  But instead of hearing their words, we let it be enough to stare at them and build around them religion to worship, each for himself.  In our minds are their words, only empty, beautiful words that we love to learn and memorize to quote, but they have no other value.  We believe them not.

If we desire the truth we must dare to take it for what it is, even though it leads to the death the me.  We must dare to be nothing.
Others can lead us to the water, but they cannot drink it for us, that we must do ourselves.  That we must do now.