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We are thought

geldingahnappurI find it exciting to know that I am a thought and nothing else. Your thought and mine.  We are ideas, images built up from memories, which consists of different events and reading lessons, and we are very various, depending on who makes the image, because everybody makes it consistent with himself. Of course the images are sometimes skewed and odd, since the creators do not always know us very well, as they are not necessarily around us all the time and we therefore not always in their mind, but sometimes the image is very accurate, but still nothing like our own images of us.  So you see this can be very exciting and fun to explore.
This is the topic of chapter 16 in the book What am I?

I think therefore I am – René Descartes

Steinn SteinarThe words of Descartes, I think, therefore I am grabbed my attention when I heard them first, probably because of the two words I and think.
These two words have their existence in each other, for the me to be there has to be thinking.  I am a thought.

If we look at our history, from birth and to this day, we can see that the me is really a thought, made up by the brain, from memories rooted in the experiences we have gained through various events.  Along with the knowledge we have gathered from books. Nothing more. Continue reading