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Youth and maturity

... the children of the world ...

… the children of the world …

Mature mind is seen as a desirable quality in human beings.  Some sort of recognition, we have grown and matured, learned and matured, so we are better and wiser now than we were before.  We have created all kinds of ideas about the importance of development of the mind, of bringing awareness to the mind till it reaches a state of deep maturity and we have defined exactly what matured min is in practice and how to gain it.
We seem to see mature mind as a virtue, or something that we can learn or acquire through special behavior, so we try to teach the youth all about maturity of body and mind and all of our ideas about the phenomenon…   Continue reading >

Good parenting

foreldrarThere was talk at school, we were learning to give speeches and lectures and the task this time was to talk about parenting.  It was the Senate so there was gathered people of all ages, many with children, some were raising children and others were ready to send their children out into the world.

My view of life is not always the same as those of the people around me, and sometimes contrary to the ideas of others and it makes many angry so they would love to shake me a little and change my view.  This time many got angry and some cried and others were speechless. It was a major panic and a lot of talk.

But you know, we just have to be consistent with ourselves, all of us, me too. And sometimes it is okay to stir a little up in the ideas of people, including me.  Believe me, I have had my fair share of cultural change and just for my own good. What I said, you can see here, but it does not help to scold me, I have learned that what others think about me has nothing to do with me. The link to  Good parenting.