I find it exciting to know that I am a thought and nothing else.
Your thought and mine.  We are ideas, images built up from memories, which consists of different events and reading lessons, and we are very various, depending on who makes the image, because everybody makes it consistent with himself.
Of course the images are sometimes skewed and odd, since the creators do not always know us very well, as they are not necessarily around us all the time and we therefore not always in their mind, but sometimes the image is very accurate, but still nothing like our own images of us.  So you see this can be very exciting and fun to explore.

The fact is that there is no distinction between the thinker and his thoughts.  We just think that it is; the me creates the illusion to maintain itself.
All that I think is me, all I see is me, all I believe I know is me.  And this goes for all of us.  We are always thinking about and seeing ourselves.  Everything about us is really a thought, built up from memories.  That is all.

We are what we think.  In other words, there is no me thinking, no thinker.  Either way the thoughts are, good or bad, that is what we are.

All thoughts come from the center we call me.  There is me and my thoughts, me and the brain, me and the all mighty, me and everything else.  Always the me.

It is obvious that all this distinction, between the me and everything else, creates all kinds of problems for us.  Therefore it would be preferable not to think and then be it, nothing.
But we dare not.  We dare not let go of the me, and with it our thoughts, and be nothing.  We want to be something and rather evil than nothing.
We see not the void between the me and everything else. The nothing.

This means not that the we disappears as soon as we let go of the me, the human being remains, this invisible being that no one sees and knows, not even he himself.  Admittedly, we are still a thought, an image, but only a thought as a human being and nothing more.  But much larger than we ever can imagine, for it to leave everything and be free of all opens for all possibilities and we cannot be larger than that.  But it also includes that we are all the same and no one greater or better than others.  This means in practice that we are all people at all times, even the boring ones, and nothing less.

This is a fact worth looking at, when we are able to let go of all the thoughts then there is no me, no mine, no one, nothing, that is infinite and endless space.  That is endless nothing that accommodates all.  That is us, which we dare not be.