CATCH THE GOOSE, while you can

I took a course in short film making, it was great fun, something I had never tried before. The students made ​​a short film together called Divine intervention.
It is about a man who loses his job, tries to hide it, but the debts pile up and other problems become to difficult, so he decides to kill himself by drowning.
On the way into the cold ocean the phone rings (that was the divine intervention), it is the Labour office, employment service, offering him to take a course in short film making.  In the course he meets an old classmates, they had both been in a band as a teenager and decided to create a band and try to make it at alst.
Of course, the film has a happy ending.

When the course ended, I had dozens of ideas for short films in my mind, i started við microfilm I gave the title, Catch the goose while you can.

Have fun!