Content – The moment

“The moment”

  Introduction: I am
1 Evil will
2 We can die the me
3 Equality and respect
4 Solitude is scary
5 Discipline is stupefying
6 Gone generations
7 Large and small
8 We want to be gods
9 Searching is useless
10 Everything is
11 Understanding
12 The moment is one
13 The search for ourselves
14 An eye for an eye
15 Rolling waves of life
16 My child
17 Youth and maturity
18 Life and death
19 My greed, your hunger
20 Moment forever
21 Imagines people
22 Humility is a lie
23 Legacy of the generations
24 The Devil
25 The trees and the forest
26 Poverty
27 Tolerance
28 Path to the truth
29 To know and not know
30 The brain and thought
31 To become and to be
32 Aware and awake
33 Visible, invisible, the Buddha
34 What is death?
35 Wall between matter and spirit
36 Love thyself
37 Nothing is new
38 Knowledge
39 Who am I?

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