15. DESIRES, are everlasting troubles

I desire; I desire, sings in our heads all day long.  It is amazing how we endlessly desire all kinds of everything, objects and events, worldly and spiritual.  This applies to us all, children and adults.  Forever and again and again and again.  And we have no idea what we are doing.

Most of our desires are so insignificant that we normally do not notice them.  But they are nevertheless constantly running, making all kinds of problems for us.

All desires are conflict, both in the individual as well as out in his surroundings.
We want something, we fulfill the desire and immediately we direct our desire at something else.  We need not long for what we have.
Desire for something, whether an object or situation, indicates that we are not satisfied with what we have.  It causes us to try to change from one situation to another and that creates conflict.
When different desires come across within us, or my desire comes across your desire, then a dispute arises.

For example, if the desire for security creates a certain religious idea that perhaps eliminates all sex, then it is clear that as soon as the desire for sex awakens in the individual there is a disagreement.
The same thing happens when our desires have created two different religions and your faith and my faith collide into each other then there will be conflicts.
Significant problems arise when we direct our desire in a certain direction and stop seeing it as something changeable, and try instead to make it into something permanent.

We want to find the ultimate security, God or truth that gives us eternal pleasure, something permanent.  It goes without saying that in this case we are not looking for God or truth, but only enduring satisfaction or security.  That is all.
We shape the desire into an idea and give it names like God and truth.

To most of us the idea of Gods is the highest form of desire and drug abuse the lowest.  But both are desire for something so there is not as much difference between them as we would like to think.
For what is the difference between your desire and my desire?  Desire is desire no matter what name we give it and when desires arise there is conflict.

Desires have no specific directions or permanence.  We create this situation with specific result in mind.  We want result, some kind of success, this result should then always give us some sort of pleasure and it is clear that desire for pleasure always creates problems.

The only way out of this vicious cycle is to stop and face reality, without wanting to change it in our favor.  Only to look at what is.

If we truly want to discover the truth we must be honest and go all the way, not just scratch the surface.
We must dare to leave everything we have gathered for us and confront the reality we face, even though it gives us no satisfaction.

The truth is the truth and it does not consider what we think or desire.  So if we seek the truth we take it as it is.  That is all.