24. WE ARE NOT FRACTIONS, of the creator

How often have we not heard that we are a small fraction of a larger object, beams from one sun, a fraction of the truth, a piece of the Creator, etc.  And what is worse, we have accepted it and chosen to believe it.
But it is not so we are not in small pieces; we are not a little here and a little there, you and I, your truth and my truth.  We are not rays from the sun, but the sun itself.  It is not possible to break the Almighty into little pieces and hand it out on merit as we judge one near and another far from the Creator, the truth is only one and absolute.  Separation is an illusion.

Those people we despise and reject for their brutality and evil works are equal to those, we so admire for their good deeds.
We fear brutality.  Not only in others, but also ourselves.  So we turn our back to it and create different rules, systems and principles in the hope that it will protect us in some way from ourselves.
But we must know that there is no human trait that is not ours.  To believe other is a deception.

Perhaps we do not want it to be so, and in some cases we prefer that one is more equal than other.  But we cannot change the fact that all men are equal and one.  We truly are.  No matter what we want or desire.
Thus is it with truth, which is life, which is each of us.  We are not rays from the same sun, a small fraction of the creator, but it all.  And it all is us, complete and whole.  It will never be separated.  The creator is the creation.

We may not always realize what we are and how connected we really are and thus rule out the creator in ourselves.  But we all have the same ability to know.

If we want to know for sure, we have to peel of us all we have collected us all our lives, from the day we were born to the present day, until nothing is left.
The ‘me’ has to die, vanish.
Then we will feel the truth that is life, which is all of us, within us.  And it can never be in small fragments.  The creator can only be one, immutable and eternal.  The same at all times for all men.
We cannot learn, own, or sell it.  We can only be it, and then it all.