... aware and awake ...

… aware and awake …

It is easy to tell others to keep the attention awake, live in the now, and various other spiritual studies teach.  But so that it will be useful to us, it is necessary to know what the now and awake attention is, and it is not certain that everyone can understand it.  There is also a question whether we need it.  We are the ones who know everything about ourselves, and at the same time what suits us best, and indeed how to access it.

Yet we continue to search for answers outside ourselves, attend workshops, and meet us wiser people, in the hope that the words of wisdom falls from their lips, for us to pick up.  And all the time it was us that we needed to turn to and view.
We hold within us all knowledge, all that relates to ourselves and we are the only ones who can say what we need.  It is all there, within us.

Do you remember what happened when you were alarmed, and how the body reacted when you were scared?  Then your attention was too alert and ready to respond absolutely correct.  So you know what watchful attention is.  You do indeed not have to be constantly afraid and in shock to induce this reaction, but it was so, that you saw it first.

When we are in danger then starts a certain body functions that makes all our attention focused on the dangers.
This condition is called by the so-called sympathetic system that acts then as a whole.  It speeds the heart, sends a message asking for the expansion of blood vessels that are connected to the skeletal muscle and heart muscle, and for reducing of blood vessels connected to the skin and digestive system, people sweat and there is an increase in certain hormones.  From the core of the kidneys the adrenaline flows into the body and prepares us for the crisis.  Noradrenalin is carried by blood flow to the pituitary gland and stimulates it to release a hormone that acts on the adrenal cortex.  This will be to stimulate the release of steroid that causes the liver to release sugar so we have enough energy for rapid response.

This description in itself is not necessary.  We recognize most of these body conditions and know that in this situation our attention is awake.  Nothing can overshadow the risks we are in.  Nothing can distract our attention.
This we know well of our own experience.  And that in itself is quite sufficient knowledge provided that we take it seriously.
But we do not take it seriously.  Soon after the danger situation is over we sink into the good old shelter and security, the lack of awareness.

Then, when we hear talks about being awake, the attention in the moment, these danger-responses are forgotten.  And we create ourselves in their place different ideas about what it refers to.
Subsequently we take up some form of exercise, meditation, diet, or something similar, to become aware.  Become awake.  In the moment.  Always become something.
And we do not have any idea, that in fact, we are fast asleep, unconscious, because to become awake we have to be asleep.  We can only become what we are not.

We must know that we cannot train us to be alert to danger.  When there is danger we are awake.  And when the danger is over we are asleep.  In between these two elements is no distance. No time. We cannot practice it.  Only be it.  Awake or asleep.

We can try to hide ourselves behind the words, it is not possible to keep the body awake as in emergencies when there is no danger.  But that is only an illusion.  There is a danger.  Continuously.
As soon as the attention is gone then there is delusion.  The delusion is the greatest danger that can happen to any human.

It should be clear to everyone that being alert and aware, in the moment, is exactly the same as being in danger. Literally.  Really.  For it is exactly what we then are.  In danger.
When awake we are constantly in the danger of falling asleep into the illusion.

We have all experienced waking to consciousness about ourselves, briefly.  But few have managed to stay awake longer than a short moment.  We cannot keep us awake every moment.  Soon we get tired and fall asleep and we disappear into the comfort of unconsciousness.
And at the same time we have lost ourselves.

Because precisely at that moment we are in danger, awake and aware, we are facing ourselves.  Then we are this danger.  Then we are the moment.  That alone exists.  Nothing more.
And as we discover ourselves the short time we wake up, then we lose ourselves, the self-knowledge, as we let go of the attention and sink into unconsciousness.

We must know that to know ourselves we must be aware at all times, in all, not only time and time, in some.
That to know oneself is not the same as seeing some nip of oneself from time to time.  We are not like that.  We are not before or past, or a nip of something.

To know ourselves we must leave everything we have gathered us in our lifetime, all ideas about ourselves and others and everything, and all we are not and cannot be.  We have to leave everything until there is nothing left but the truth, there we are, the real we, the living being behind all forms, all deception, hopes and aspirations.

When we are awake we are the moment.  The moment is forever new.  So we are forever new.  And to see it, see ourselves, then we must be aware and awake forever more.
We need to experience ourselves in the moment, as the moment, everywhere, at all times.  Awake.  Nothing less.